Can I Use Thin-film Solar Panels for Rooftop Solar?

In the current market, there are two types of solar panels namely:

Crystalline (polycrystalline & monocrystalline)

A thin-film solar cell is made by depositing layers of light-absorbing material (photovoltaic) material on a substrate – metal, plastic etc.

As the name suggests, the thinness of the cell is the characteristic that differentiates a thin-film solar panel from a crystalline […]

How Much Battery Do I Need for My Rooftop Solar Power Plant?

Need for batteries

Batteries are required for rooftop solar power plants to increase the reliability of power generation from the solar power system. As solar is an infirm power source, batteries are required to ensure uninterrupted power supply from the rooftop solar power plant.

How much battery is required?

The capacity of the battery (also called battery sizing) […]

What should I Look for While Choosing Key Components of My Rooftop Solar Power Plant?

In many cases, the component decisions for rooftop solar power plants are made by the installer and not by the owner of the solar power plant.

If you have chosen your installer with care, trusting the installer’s decision is indeed correct as he/she has expertise on solar power systems. But it still is a good idea […]

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