How Does Rooftop Solar Benefit Factories?

Before looking into the benefits of rooftop solar for factories, let’s look at the deciding factors based on which this could be feasible.

Deciding factors:

Rooftop Area: Most factories have enough rooftop area to house a solar PV plant to meet a portion of their energy needs. In almost all cases this ample space available can […]

How Do Rooftop Solar Benefit Warehouses?

Before we decide on the benefits of going solar for warehouses, let us discuss the deciding factors and how favorable are they for warehouses.

Deciding factors

Roof space: They have a whole lot of unused but accessible rooftop space. But the type of roof may be different for different warehouses. It could range from flat concrete roofs […]

What Portion of My Factory’s Electricity Needs can Be Supplied by Solar?

Factories have many energy-intensive processes like manufacturing,assembling,packing,repairing,testing,processing,etc. They typically are the higher end of energy consumption and usually end up with very high electricity bills. They usually have diesel backup to ensure continuous supply of power.

Solar PV systems in factories can help them reduce their diesel power consumption, depending on the time of use and […]

Should I Implement a Captive Solar Farm for Powering My Factory or Business?

What is a captive solar power plant?

A captive power plant is a facility that produces a localized source of electricity primarily for the needs of the consumer or the specific business entity. The facility can be on-site or near the site, hence reducing voltage losses.

In the current scenario, it makes sense for factories and businesses […]

What Types of Roofs are Required for a Solar Plant Installation?

Ensuring that your roof is appropriate to install solar panels is an important decision as it contributes to your installation costs. To understand this, let us consider the following questions.

What kind of roofs are suitable for a solar plant installation?

Solar panels can be installed on almost all kinds of rooftops. The complexities involved in installing […]

What is the Payback Period of Rooftop Solar PV Systems?

What is the Payback Period of Rooftop Solar PV Systems?

Talk to any investor on a business opportunity, and one of the first questions that come up is about the solar energy payback period for the investment.

The same is the case of rooftop solar PV investments.

What is Payback Period?

Payback period of a rooftop PV system can […]

What are the Incentives Available for Rooftop Solar Installations in India?

While solar power is fast approaching what is called “grid parity” in some regions of the world – a situation where the cost of unsubsidized solar power is less than or equal to the cost of grid power – solar power still costs more than grid power for substantial parts of the world. This is […]

What Types of Commercial and Industrial Units are Putting Up Rooftop Solar Plants?

Sweet Answer from Solar Mango: (updated Jul 2015)

Rooftop solar makes both economic and business sense for commercial and industrial units, as these require uninterrupted supply of power, and the cost of conventional power for these sectors are high, in many parts of the world.

However, from what has been observed by Solar Mango, the attractiveness of […]

I Use Diesel Generators for Backup Power. To What Extent can Solar Power Help Reduce Diesel Consumption?

Sweet Answer from Solar Mango: (updated Jul 2015)

This is an important question that is being asked by many industrial and commercial units in countries such as India that use significant amounts of diesel as a backup power generation fuel. And with the significant escalations in the cost of diesel in the past few years (even […]

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