What are Green Certificates and How are They Relevant to Solar Power Plants?

Numerous financial incentives have been introduced in order to ease the adoption of solar energy and help it achieve grid parity. These include federal and state tax credits, capital subsidies, feed-in-tariffs, green certificates etc.

Green Certificates (Renewable Energy Credits/ Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)) are awarded as a proof that a certain amount of electricity is produced […]

What are the Financial Incentives Available for Solar Farms Worldwide?

Why are financial incentives important in the context of solar?

The realization of climate change and depletion of fossil fuels has emphasized the adoption of renewable energy sources like solar energy. But the fact remains that solar energy has not yet reached grid parity in most places. In order to help businesses and home owners economically […]

What are the Incentives Available for Rooftop Solar Installations in India?

While solar power is fast approaching what is called “grid parity” in some regions of the world – a situation where the cost of unsubsidized solar power is less than or equal to the cost of grid power – solar power still costs more than grid power for substantial parts of the world. This is […]

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