What can Break the Solar Panels Installed on My Rooftop?

Can solar panels break?

To the naked eye, solar panels appear susceptible to damage from low-impact collisions, but looks can be deceiving. Although the solar cells themselves are very fragile—in fact, they are only a few millimeters thick—the glass and frame that surrounds them is very sturdy and durable.

Solar panels are designed to endure even the […]

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Will Snow Affect Solar Panel Performance?

Solar panels perform at their best on a clear sunny day with no cloud cover. This does not mean that the conditions are going to be favorable all the time.

Due to weather conditions like snow, solar panel performance can be significantly affected. In such conditions, solar panels produce their power from diffused solar radiation (radiation […]

What Parts of a Solar Power System are Prone to Failure?

The various components of solar system are as follows:

Solar panels
Mounting systems
Balance-of systems (Inverters, Trackers, Junction boxes, combiners, transformers)
Batteries (if required)

Now, while some of these components like solar panels may last for the system’s usable life, many of these are prone to faults and failures.

Why is this important?

There is focus on reducing the lifecycle costs of […]

What is the Expected Lifetime of Rooftop Solar Power Plants?

One of the most popular questions related to rooftop solar power plants is related to its life expectancy. Most manufacturers quote a 25 year warranty on their solar panels. Moreover most financial agreements like PPAs are signed for around 25 years, indicating that the industry believes that the lifetime of rooftop solar PV systems is […]

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