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Companies Diversifying into Solar in India – A Review

Solar is Hot. And Many Firms Wish to Strike when the Iron is Hot!


As of end Jun 2016,  the total solar installed capacity in India is about 7.5 GW. This is expected to increase to 100 GW by 2022, a CAGR of slightly over 50% for the next 6 years.

With the solar power sector expected to grow […]

iPLON’s Premium Solar Monitoring Solution Scaling Operations in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu leads the nation in the rooftop solar sector with more than 85 MW of solar installations. In light of this growth and the projected scope of future solar installations in the state, iPLON, has been strategizing its operations to have a large focus on the southern state. iPLON, an independent solar monitoring solutions […]

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Bangalore-based Start-up DataGlen’s Solar Monitoring Solution Combines IoT


More often than not, having a customized monitoring solution for a solar power plant has been considered an add-on or a luxury by most developers in India. In most solar power plants, developers typically go for monitoring systems which take measurements only at the inverter level. Some developers also employ monitoring at the string level […]

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