Grid-connected Solar PV Power Plants


Bangalore-based Start-up DataGlen’s Solar Monitoring Solution Combines IoT


More often than not, having a customized monitoring solution for a solar power plant has been considered an add-on or a luxury by most developers in India. In most solar power plants, developers typically go for monitoring systems which take measurements only at the inverter level. Some developers also employ monitoring at the string level […]

nPulse – Solar Project Management Software for Efficient Implementation

With the Indian government keen on achieving the 100 GW solar power target set as part of the JNNSM mission, solar projects are being implemented at a blistering pace. As the scale and number of small and large MW-scale projects being undertaken increases, the complexities associated with the implementation of these also increase.

As with any […]

Anatomy of a High Quality Solar Power Plant – Solar Mango’s Analysis of a High Performing 2 MW Power Plant

Talk to most developers or EPCs and they will tell you that developing a solar power plant is really simple, with the power plant itself having few moving parts and with most of the components fairly well understood.

Is it really that simple to put up a solar power plant? Yes and No.

Yes, if all you […]

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