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Why Indian Solar Power Plants Should Use Trackers

It was not long ago that solar trackers were considered an unnecessary luxury while setting up solar power plants. Although they brought about an increase in plant performance, developers weren’t willing to invest on the additional costs.

Solar Trackers are devices that come in conjunction with the mounting structures and help direct the panels in the […]

Top 5 States for Solar Energy Investments in India

Solar in India is growing at a fat clip.

With many states already in the fray for increasing their energy capacities, the possibilities for solar investments seems limitless.

Unlike in wind power, in which some states have much higher potential than others, there are many states with equivalent potential in solar. But, as always, even in societies where […]

What are the Initial Investment and O&M Costs Required for a MW Solar Plant in India?

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The major portion of the expenditure for a solar plant is taken up by the initial investment required. There are other expenses which we need to consider initially as part of utility scale solar costs, such as the inverter replacement cost, operations and maintenance cost, insurance charges and such.

Initial Capital Investment Required

This should […]

What is the Rate of Return of Utility Scale Solar in India?

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Internal Rate of Return
Before going into Internal Rate of Return of a utility scale solar power plant, we need to understand the concept of Net Present Value (NPV). NPV negates the problem of having to compare cash flows in different time periods. The value of a rupee now wouldn’t be the same five […]

The Indian Government Wants to Scale Rooftop Solar 100 fold between 2015 and 2022. Is This Possible?

Sweet Answer from Solar Mango: (updated Jul 2015)

India has currently (Jul 2015) a cumulative installed base of about 400 MW in rooftop solar. The NDA government wishes to scale rooftop solar to 40,000 MW by 2022.

A 100-FOLD increase in 7 years. A tall order, by any standards, and for any part of the world.

Is such a stunningly […]

What Off-grid Solar Products have High Profit Potential in India?

Sweet Answer from Solar Mango: (updated Jul 2015)

Off-grid solar products currently have significant opportunities in those regions or circumstances where grid power is either not available or its availability is highly uncertain.

According to the MNRE, the Indian Ministry for New and Renewable Energy, more than five crore households in India need off-grid products. The largely untapped […]

How are the Prospects for Solar Manufacturing in India?

Sweet Answer from Solar Mango: (updated Jul 2015)

With the Indian Government’s Make in India program in full swing, there is a significant interest among businesses and entrepreneurs, both from India and abroad, in investing in manufacturing opportunities in solar.

What indeed are the prospects?

The following are the broad perspectives for solar manufacturing in India:

Upstream Opportunities Only […]

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