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Can My Roof Bear the Weight of Solar Panels?

Why is it important?

When you decide to install solar panels, it is important to know their weight as it can impact the integrity of the roof structure. Solar panels are planned to be placed on the roof for a period of around 25 years. So, before installing it, there is a need to ensure that […]

By |October 22nd, 2015|Residential Rooftop Solar, Rooftop Solar|1 Comment

How will Solar Panels Affect the Aesthetics of My Roof?

Although not a major issue, the aesthetics of solar panels over a rooftop can be a matter of concern for many homeowners. Homeowners often hesitate buying a solar panel because they think solar panels diminish the home aesthetics. The looks are often a matter of pride among the owners.

Especially in the case of historic buildings […]

Can I Have Ground Mounted Solar Panels for My Home Instead of Rooftop Mounted System?

Most of the PV installs in any community happen to be placed on top of a home’s roof. While this is aesthetically pleasing, space saving on the property and out of the way from people’s hands, there are both concerns and advantages regarding the same when compared with the ground-mounted systems for residential use.

Rooftop system
Ground-mounted […]

How Much Do Batteries Cost for Rooftop Solar Power Plants?

Need for batteries for rooftop solar power plants

For infirm power sources such as solar, batteries are required to make the power source more firm and reliable. Thus, for uninterrupted power supply through rooftop solar, use of batteries is inevitable today.

Types of batteries used for rooftop solar power plants

In practice, the two main types of batteries […]

What should I Look for While Choosing Key Components of My Rooftop Solar Power Plant?

In many cases, the component decisions for rooftop solar power plants are made by the installer and not by the owner of the solar power plant.

If you have chosen your installer with care, trusting the installer’s decision is indeed correct as he/she has expertise on solar power systems. But it still is a good idea […]

How Small can a Rooftop Solar Power Plant Be?

The size of a rooftop solar installation can vary depending on its purpose. Usually residential systems are smaller compared to commercial rooftop solar plants. Residential rooftop plants are typically in the range of 1-20 KW while commercial and industrial rooftop plants can range from 25 kW to large megawatt-scale rooftop power plants.

The average size of […]

What Types of Roofs are Required for a Solar Plant Installation?

Ensuring that your roof is appropriate to install solar panels is an important decision as it contributes to your installation costs. To understand this, let us consider the following questions.

What kind of roofs are suitable for a solar plant installation?

Solar panels can be installed on almost all kinds of rooftops. The complexities involved in installing […]

Can My House Work 100% on Solar?

About Living Off the Grid

Yes, you can have your entire home run on solar alone, and be completely cut off from the grid – it’s called living off-grid. Off-grid solar systems are the closest we can get to a fully solar powered home.

But, you need to go the extra yard to make this happen.

An off-grid […]

By |September 29th, 2015|Offgrid Solar, Residential Rooftop Solar|3 Comments

What is the Payback Period of Rooftop Solar PV Systems?

What is the Payback Period of Rooftop Solar PV Systems?

Talk to any investor on a business opportunity, and one of the first questions that come up is about the solar energy payback period for the investment.

The same is the case of rooftop solar PV investments.

What is Payback Period?

Payback period of a rooftop PV system can […]

Is Solar Power Really Cost Competitive against Conventional Grid Power?

Sweet Answer from Solar Mango: (updated Jul 2015)

In many news reports, you might have come across something on the following lines: Solar power has now become a  competitive source of power.

What does this mean?

Or, in some news item, you might read something similar to this: Solar power now costs only 6 cents/kWh and hence is […]

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