Many companies are often constrained by space availability over the rooftop or the rooftop being used for some other purpose. In such a scenario, car parking roofs can come to their rescue.

Solar carport solutions can be implemented even to customers with pre-existing carport structures. There are quite a few companies doing this.

Where parking-lot based solar power plants get more interesting is when they are erected as elevated solar power plants at open parking lots. In these cases, the new solar carport canopies convert an open parking space into a new shaded

A prominent installation in 2017 was that of Lanson Toyota who deployed a 200 kW power plant on their open parking lot at their factory in Chennai.

parking lot, the shade being an added incentive to the power that the carport will generate. This twin benefit is making many companies go for this option.

Stuff to Remember

Solar panels on your car parking lot is an attractive option owing to the twin benefits – power and shade – that it provides.