Energy Savings With LEDs

  • Replacing LED lights with conventional/fluorescent lights is an established energy efficiency improvement method
  • Input brief details about your existing lights and the number of lights you want to replace
  • Based on your inputs, we will calculate how much you can save on your energy bills by opting for LEDs

While the use of rooftop solar power is a good idea, it becomes an even better idea if energy efficiency methods are first adopted for your building. One simple way to achieve energy efficiency is through the use of LED lights in the place of conventional incandescent/flourescent lights. You will be surprised at the amount of energy and cost savings you can make from LEDs over its lifetime.

Get surprised by using the simple estimator below to calculate the savings achieved by replacing your conventional lamps by LED lights.

Energy Savings With LEDs

1. Existing lights’ wattage
*Refer table below for wattage of lights


2. LED* wattage
*Refer table below for wattage of lights


3. No. of lights to be replaced


4. How much are you charged for one unit of electricity?

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Incandescent Lamp (Watts) CFL (Watts) Corresponding LEDs (Watts)
40 09-13 04-05
60 13-15 06-08
75 18-25 09-13
100 23-30 16-20
150 30-55 25-28

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