Solar Panel Capacity Required By Your Appliances

  • How many Solar Panels do I need? Can I run my AC with solar? How many solar powered appliances can I have? These are common questions related to solar power plants
  • Input details about your electrical appliances
  • Based on your inputs, we will calculate the maximum solar panel capacity you will need
  • You may refer the table below for the wattage of common appliances

Solar Panel Capacity Required By Your Appliances


No. of equipment

Average watts
* Refer the table below for wattages

No. of hours per day






Washing Machines



Iron Box

Water Heater

Water Pumps


Others :

Rate the sunshine availability in your area ( Enter 4.5 for regions with more than 300 days of sunshine, 4 for regions with 250 and 300 days, and 3 for regions with 150-250 days of sunshine)


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Common Appliances

Equipment Type Average Ratings(in W)
Light Incandescent bulb 15-150
CFL 5-85
Tubelights 13-40
Fan Table fans 50-55
Ceiling fans 70-85
Ac AC 1 Ton split unit 800
AC 0.75 Ton window unit 900
AC 1 Ton window unit 1200
AC 2.5 Ton window unit 3500
Computer Desktop 60-200
Laptop 40-100
TV Plasma TV 280-450
LCD TV 125-200
LED TV 50-70
Oven Electric 2000
Microwave 1440
Water Heater 3800
Refrigerator 100-200
Iron Box 1000
Washing Machine Semi Automatic 325
Fully Automatic 1500
Water Heater 100-200
Water Pumps 750


Equipment Average Ratings(in W)
Coffee Maker 800
Dishwasher 1200-1500
DVD Player 30
Electric Clothes Dryer 300-400
Electric Shaver 15
Electric Kettle 2000
Grinder 500
Hair Dryer 1500
Hot Plate 1200
Induction Cooker 1000-1800
Juicer 90
Mixer 450
Mobile charger 2-5
Popcorn Popper 1400
Satellite Dish 30
Sewing Machine 100
Stereo 10-30
Toaster 800-1500
Vacuum cleaner 650-800
Video Game Console(Xbox+Playstation) 70-200
Water Purifier 480
Wifi-Router 2-10

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