Unless you are a professional electrical firm yourself, you will most likely need an external expert to implement your rooftop or ground-mounted solar power plant.

Companies that install solar power plants are variously called EPC (for Engineering, Procurement & Design), System Integrators, or Solar Installers. In India, the most common term used for these companies is EPC.

Selection of the right EPC is by far the most important step while you are putting up a solar power plant. While the difference between an average and a very good (or great) EPC might not appear significant, remember this:

Even a 2% increase in output as a result of your choosing a very good EPC (instead of a good enough EPC) increases your output per MW by over 30000 units a year, or close to one million units over a 25-year lifetime.

At a tariff of Rs 4/unit, that’s an additional Rs 40 lacs.

Quite a large amount of extra money for just choosing the right EPC!

Look out for the following while selecting EPCs:

  • Does the EPC Answer Your Questions in a Simple Manner? – Don’t be swayed by jargon, rather

check out if they are able to provide you answers for your basic questions

  • Have an Eye on Warranties & Guarantees – Don’t be swayed by low prices, instead check out the types of guarantees and warranties the EPC is able to provide.
  • Look for Testimonials – Check out the testimonials from other power plants that they had put up.


In Section 10 (“Other Super Useful Stuff”), we have provided a more detailed checklist you can use while choosing the right EPC.

Stuff to Remember

Spend time to choose the right solar installer as the EPC can make or break your investment. Use the checklist provided in the last section (“Useful Supplements”) as reference