Why is everyone talking about solar power more than any other renewable energy source?

Here’s why: Any place, any size and in double quick time.


  • Solar power plants can be put up anywhere, well, almost anywhere – on the rooftop, on the ground, on car parks, on greenhouses, in large gardens, even on lakes and canals…you get the idea. The only big requirement of course is that you need enough sunlight to grace that location!
  • It is a truly distributed source of power. Thus, it can be generated where it is consumed, resulting in little loss in transmission and distribution.
  • It is modular, and hence you can have solar power plants that are very small or very large. Both work equally well and equally efficiently!
  • Low Cost – Solar power is becoming cheaper every year, and is for all practical purposes cheaper than grid power for business sectors in most parts of India. Suffice to point out that some of the earliest solar power plants put up over 30 years ago are still humming along nicely!
  • Low Maintenance – Solar power plants do need some maintenance, but it is fairly low.
  • Quick Installation – A solar power plant can be installed in a fairly short time-span. Even a MW scale power project can actually be implemented in less than 3 months!

Stuff to Remember

Solar is by far the most important renewable energy the world over, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future.