Solar power plant installations are fairly simple affairs.

Compared to conventional power plants, it takes far lesser duration to implement solar power plants.

How much lesser time?

Here are some simple benchmarks that let you understand the typical durations to implement different types and scales of solar power plants:

  • A small residential rooftop solar power plant can be implemented within three weeks.
  • A medium sized rooftop solar power plant (100-500 kW) could take longer – 6-8 weeks.
  • Even large ground mounted solar power plants themselves (even up to 100 MW) can be completed within 6 months!
    One of world’s largest single-location solar power plants, the Adani Group’s 648 MW solar project in Tamil Nadu, was completed in a record time of 8 months!

    A coal power plant of a size similar to Adani’s solar power plant would have taken a couple of years; a nuclear or hydro power plant, with their attendant legal and environmental challenges, can easily take over ten times this duration! 

    Stuff to Remember

    Solar power plant implementations take only a short amount of time, from just a couple of weeks for small plants to only a few months for even large power plants.