Customized Online Solar Calculator


With solar power, both ground-mounted and rooftop, growing at a fast pace, many stakeholders are keen to understand the benefits of investing in solar in a more tangible ways.

One of the best ways to get a hang of your solar power investments is through customized solar calculators.

Most of you would have used some rudimentary solar calculators. But these are generic, while for medium and large investors, they would like to have a more custom-made solar calculators.

This is because, depending on the region and also sometimes depending on the specific category of the solar power plant (industry sector, rooftop or ground-mounted), estimates for solar power plants could vary significantly.

This is where a customized solar calculator comes into play.

Solar Mango, the #1 Solar Guide, has the unique intersection of expertise in developing world-class, and highly effective solar power calculators that can be an effective aid in your investment decisions – be they for rooftop or for ground-mounted solar power plants:

Who is it for?

Owing to our consulting team’s understanding of the needs of the various market segments and end use applications, we can develop calculators and estimators for a range of sectors and segments.

Custom Calculators for Different Solar Power Sectors

  • Residential rooftop solar power plants
  • Industrial and commercial rooftop solar power plants
  • Small-medium ground-mounted solar power plants
  • Large solar farms
  • Offgrid solar products – solar streetlights, lanterns, solar water pumps…
  • Innovative solar power plant installations such as floating solar power plants, hybrid solar power plants, BIPV (building integrate photovoltaic), tracker-based solar power plants…
  • Solar installations with a significant storage component
  • Rural solar installations, including for micro-grids
  • IoT integration with the solar calculators

Custom Calculators for Different End Use Segments

  • Government/public sector
  • EPCs and other system integrators keen on having an effective sales tool
  • Large corporates
  • Educational institutions
  • Investors in medium or large scale rooftop or ground mounted solar power plants (1 MW and above)
  • Financial institutions that are keen on lending to the solar power sector
  • Companies putting up solar power plants for captive consumption

Why do you need a Solar  Calculator?

  • Make the stakeholders understand the benefits of solar power in a more tangible manner
  • Make the stakeholders also get a realistic understanding of the constraints of solar power plants
  • Enable stakeholders choose components in an effective manner

Features of the Customized Solar Calculator

The following are the main, generic features that we can include in the solar calculator. Each of these features can be customized based on your requirements. In addition, we can add more features as well, should you need them:

For all types of solar power plants – rooftop and ground-mounted

  • Solar power generation estimates for the entire project lifetime
  • Cost of solar power – this can be customised based on your region, and also based on the financial / fiscal incentives and regulatory structure in your region
  • Financial estimates
    • Equity IRRs
    • Project IRRs
    • Payback period
    • Yearly cash flows (or savings)
    • DSCR (debt service coverage ratio)
  • CO2 emissions – estimate the amount of CO2 emissions avoided using the solar power plant
  • How selection of individual components affects the performance of the solar power plant
    • Panels
    • Inverters
    • Cables
    • Mounting Structures
  • Parameters to be used for selecting solar panels and how each parameter affects performance
  • Parameters to be used for selecting solar inverters and how each parameter affects performance

In addition to the above, the following specific features can be included for rooftop solar power plants

  • For rooftop solar power plants
  • Power plant capacity estimates – based on load, based on rooftop area
  • % of electricity consumption that can be contributed by a rooftop solar power plant
  • Battery requirements based on backup requirements


  • We can also incorporate a concise dictionary within the calculator that provides effective meanings and explanations for key solar power terms.
  • Brief answers to frequently asked questions on solar power can also be provided as part of the calculator.


Why is Solar Mango the best choice to develop your Solar Calculator?

A comprehensive solar calculator must provide detailed inputs on estimates of power generation, financial analysis and evaluation of solar components. In order to develop an intricate specialized software tool such as this, both – Domain knowledge and Software Development knowledge and expertise are required.

Solar PV Domain Expertise




  • Knowledge of solar market
    1. Consulting – We are here since the beginning of the Solar phenomenon in India and have provided consulting assistance to several stakeholders of this industry – Large and small.  Know More
    2. Reports – Solar Mango’s unique reports on rooftop solar, utility-scale solar power plants – are one of the most acclaimed in the market  Know More
    3. Web site and blog – We run the country’s one of the largest online resource for solar and other renewable energy (Solar Mango, EAI)
    4. White papers – We have authored several unique whitepapers in Solar that have benefited hundreds of stakeholders. Know More
  • Knowledge of solar PV technology and functionality
    1. PV Savvy – We have developed a novel tool to evaluate some of the key components that goes into a solar power plant  Know More
    2. Our consulting assignments – We have done a variety of assignments along the entire solar PV value chain  Know More
  • Expertise in developing such calculators
    1. PV Savvy – A common man’s tool to understand solar better – Know More
    2. Calculators and tools on our web site – We have developed 7 calculators for a variety of purposes that have assisted several developers, EPCs and investors – Know More

Software Development Expertise


Solar Mango has developed several software tools and applications related to Solar, other renewable energy and sustainability.

Software Tools

  • Expertise in developing such calculators PV Savvy – A common man’s tool to understand solar better – Know More
  • Calculators and tools on our web site – We have developed 7 calculators for a variety of purposes that have assisted several developers, EPCs and investors – Know More

Web Applications

We run some of the popular web properties for clean technology and renewable energy and our consulting division has worked with Fortune 100 companies and provided assistance to them in the cleantech domain

EAI – India’s largest web resource and community for renewable energy –

Solar Mango – India’s largest web resource and a global guide for solar energy –

CleanTick – a global community for the cleantech researchers and scientists worldwide –

Oilgae  – a content and community portal for the algae based biofuels and bio-products industry –

Cleantech Guide – The Cleantech Guide provides easy-to-understand answers to frequently asked questions on sustainability, renewable energy and clean technology. –

Android Apps for Solar & Sustainable Health

Solar Mango Global News – an Android app that provides automated aggregation of news from popular solar energy portals –

Solar Mango India News – an Android app that provides relevant curated news articles relevant to the Indian solar sector –

Simplifity – An app that makes fitness easy by enabling you to do small bits of health activities in 3-5 minutes, and provides you useful reminders and analytics –

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