List of High Potential Sectors and Opportunities in the Solar Sector

The complete list of opportunities for the solar energy sector is provided below. For select sections in this report, we also highlight, based on this list, opportunities that are relevant to that section.

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Industry Category Opportunities in Solar Energy
Electrical & Electronics
  • Solar Power Plant System Analysis &Design
  • Electrical subcontract for MW Solar power plants
  • Design of Off-grid power electronics
Power Generation
  • MW Scale Solar Power Gen– PV
  • MW scale power gen – CSP
  • Rooftop Solar Power Gen – PPA model
  • Rooftop Solar Packs
  • Residential rooftop solar
  • Commercial rooftop
  • Solar farm and park construction
  • BIPV solutions
  • Financial modelling and analysis support
  • Equipment financing
  • Solar power plant financing
  • Working Capital financing
  • Insurance
Manufacturing – End Products
  • Niche off-grid products
  • SPV based transport vehicles (Off-grid Vehicles)
  • SPV educational toys and gifts
  • Solar water heater
  • Solar water pumps
  • Solar lanterns & streetlights
  • Solar cookers
  • Solar LED combo products/solutions
  • Solar mobile chargers
  • Solar modules – thin films
  • Solar modules – crystalline
  • Inverter manufacturing
  • Cell manufacturing
  • Solar roof tile or solar shingle
  • Solar CST solution
Manufacturing – Raw Materials
  • Ingots & Wafers
  • Polysilicon
  • Chemicals for cell manufacturing
  • Aluminium and steel structures for panel frames and mounting structures
Manufacturing – Components & Sub-components
  • Solar charge controller
  • Batteries
  • Meters
  • Components for Solar CSP
  • Fuses, connectors
  • Switches & disconnects
  •  AC/DC distribution board
  •  Earthing Kit
  •  Lightning arrestors
  •  Transformer
  •  Junction boxes
  • Mounting systems
  •  Wires & cable
  •  Solar tracker
  •  Clamps & rails
  •  Other BoS
  • Transformers
  • Components for solar CSP
  • Copper, Silver and Aluminium supplies – as paste, wires etc.
  •  Solar panel backsheet & EVA
  • Adhesives for rooftop solar and BIPV solutions
  • Cutting tools for wafer manufacturing
Manufacturing – Machinery
  • Poly-silicon making furnace and machines
  • Wafer making machinery
  • Diamond cutting tools for wafer making
  • Cell manufacturing machinery
  • Module manufacturing machinery
  • Construction machines for solar farms
  • Furnaces & related equipment for making polysilicon
  • Boilers and Turbines for CSP
Emerging & Innovative Technologies
  • Smartphone and smart watch apps for SPV power plants
  • Robotic cleaning systems
  • Niche solar panels – coloured, flexible
  • Unique off-grid products such as bio-toilets
  • Design of innovative power electronics systems such as hybrid inverter for solar/wind integrated power plants
  • Small Scale CSP
Testing, Instrumentation & Control
  • Meters
  • Testing & certification
  • Post installation testing equipment for solar farms & rooftops
  • Automation solutions for array placements in solar farms
Onsite Services & Support
  • Solar power plant O&M
  • Land sale brokering
  • Local facilitation for solar farms
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Security systems for solar farms
Education & Training
  • Solar PV technical training & education
  • Solar energy awareness education for corporates and communities
  • Solar educational toys and kits
Media & Marketing
  • Online Solar Market Place (E-commerce)
  • Event organization
  • Sales agent
  • Outsourced marketing support for rooftop solar EPCs
IT & Software


  • SPV design software
  • Shading analysis
  • Tech solutions for maintenance of SPV farms
  • Solar PP project management software
  • Solar PV software monitoring
  • PV array simulation software
  • Smartphone and smart watch apps for SPV power plants
Commercial and Legal
  • Legal
  • M&A(Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Consulting & market research
  • Assistance in permitting and approvals
  • Credit rating
Operation and Maintenance
  • Solar power plant O&M
  • Solar Panel Recycling
  • Outsourced security administration for large scale solar power plants

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