Market Status of Offgrid Solar Products in India

Installed Capacity

Solar PV

In India, the Target Off-Grid/ Captive Power was set at 60 MW for the FY 2014-15 and it has been achieved(State wise progress is awaited). This makes the cumulative Off-grid capacity to be 234.35 MW. As far as Solar Water Heating is concerned, 0.50 Coll. Area(million m2) was targeted for the FY 2014-15 and 0.72 Coll. Area(million m2) was installed, making the cumulative instalment 8.82 Coll. Area(million m2)

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Future Outlook

We will examine the growth of a few solar products to estimate the outlook for the off-grid solar products.

Data is as of December 2014, sourced from MNRE.

Off-grid/Captive Rooftop Plants/Rooftop Power Packs


MW of Rooftop Solar Plants under 100 kW (Self Consumption)

Initially modest in growth, the sector has seen a spike in installations for the last year. This is to be expected with the increase in targets under JNNSM for solar power plants providing a fillip to the captive segment as well. Solar Mango expects this sector to continue to witness strong growth over the new few years, even without much government intervention.

Solar Water Pumps


No. of Solar Water Pumps Commissioned

This sector has also seen a spike in installations during the last year. With a target of 1, 00,000 pumps under JNNSM, we expect this sector to continue to see strong growth provided government assistance continues.

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Solar Home Lighting Systems

This sector has seen rather gradual growth over the last few years. This is highly dependent on government incentives. As Phase II of JNNSM originally targeted 800 MW equivalent of off-grid solar products, we expect to see similar growth or greater provided the incentives continue.

Solar Lanterns

Growth has been very modest in this sector, and we have seen several entrepreneurs pull out of this market. Without significant government incentives we don’t see this sector witnessing much growth over the next few years.

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