Solar Mango’s Comprehensive Solar Calculator

  • First solar calculator designed specifically for industrial and commercial rooftops
  • Provides you total estimates as well as detailed cost statements for the entire 25 years
  • Estimate both cost of solar power and number of units that can be generated from your rooftop
  • Business aspects such as accelerated depreciation benefits and discounting factors included in calculations
  • Flexible inputs – by area available, by budget or by plant capacity

A must use calculator for industries and commercial units keen on having rooftop solar. And it is FREE.

What is the cost of rooftop solar power per kWh?

This can be difficult to calculate as solar power involves a large initial investment and minimal additional expenditure, with power generated over a 25-year period. Calculating this cost involves considering costs incurred over the 25-year lifetime of the plant and tax savings from depreciation; discounting the costs to bring them to present value; and estimating cost per kWh based on the number of kWh expected to be generated over 25 years.

The Solar Mango Calculator was developed to help industrial and commercial consumers quickly calculate the approximate cost of solar power per kWh for their rooftop installation. Consumers can input

  1. Plant Size – 3 options are provided. Only one of these 3 can be input at a time
    • Roof Area Available
      • Please input the total roof area available. The calculator will consider 80% of this as available roof area to allow for shading. Both Square Feet and Square Metres are accepted. Capacity of plant and costing will be calculated based on available roof area
    • Solar Plant Capacity
      • If you know the capacity of solar plant you require, you can choose this option to input the plant capacity in kW. Required roof area and costing will be calculated based on the plant capacity
    • Budget
      • This option can be used if you have a fixed budget for your solar plant. The capacity of the plant and required roof area will be calculated based on your budget
  2. Discounting Factor
    • Generating solar power involves fixed costs and most of the investment is made at the time of installation of the plant, before any power is generated or consumed. This makes it difficult to calculate the cost of solar power and compare it with other sources such as diesel or grid power where the expenditure is predominantly a variable cost and incurred at the time of consumption. Levelised cost of solar power is therefore calculated by modelling the entire cash flow over 25 years, and then discounting the entire cash flow to arrive at a uniform cost over 25 years.
    • Please input the discounting factor as a %; this will be used to discount each year’s expenditure to present day value. Higher percentages of discounting factor will result in lower cost of solar power
    • Please input your required discounting factor. If you are not sure what discounting factor to use, please input 12%.
  3. Can your company avail depreciation benefit
    • Solar plants are eligible for accelerated depreciation at 80%. This can result in significant tax savings if your organisation has sufficient taxable income to absorb the accelerated depreciation. Users can input either
      • Yes – 80% accelerated depreciation will be calculated, and tax savings from accelerated depreciation (at an assumed tax rate of 35%) will be deducted from the cost of solar. This calculation assumes that the entire amount of depreciation can be absorbed by taxable income
      • No – Depreciation is not calculated and no deduction is made from cost of solar for tax savings from depreciation
  4. In which Indian state/union territory will the plant be located
    • An alphabetical list of states and union territories is provided in the dropdown to input the region where the plant is located

Consumers who wish to examine the calculation in greater detail or include any other anticipated costs have the option to download a PDF of the entire 25-year projection and perform further analysis.

Please note that the Solar Calculator provides an approximate calculation of the direct cost of solar per kWh based on several assumptions. We recommend performing a more detailed analysis with parameters specific to your installation before deciding on a solar investment.


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Solar Mango’s Free Solar Calculator

Calculate cost of Rooftop Solar

For Industrial/Commercial consumers

  1. Plant Size (enter any one of the 3)

    Roof Area Available:
    Only 80% will be considered to adjust for shaded areas (Read More)


    Solar Plant Capacity:
    Please enter plant capacity in whole numbers (Read More)



    Please enter the budget in whole numbers (Read More)
    Rs. Lakhs

  2. If you’re not sure of your discounting factor, use 12% (Read More)


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