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Solar Farms – Those Large Solar Power Plants

Summary: A solar farm usually refers to a large scale ground mounted solar power plant. Solar farms typically run into tens of MWs in capacity.

As the solar power plant industry grows at a rapid pace, you start hearing the term “solar farm” more frequently.

A solar farm is just another term for a large, ground mounted solar power […]

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Peak Capacity of Solar Cells – The Best the Cell Can Give

Summary: Peak capacity of solar cells refers to the amount of power generated by the solar cells under the best possible solar radiation.

You might have read about kWp or Wp, referred to as kil-watt peak or watt-peak. You might have wondered what the term “peak” means in these.

What is peak capacity? It is the term used […]

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Solar Monitoring Systems – Keeping Track of Your Solar Farm, Round the Clock

Summary: Keeping track of progress and problems at a large solar farm is a full time job. Software-based solar power plant monitoring systems facilitate continuous monitoring and reporting for these farms.

Why do we need monitoring for a renewable energy source like solar?

Some might argue that we don’t. We cannot anyway control a natural resource such as sunlight, so […]

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Rooftop Grid-tied Solar Power Plants – Combining the Power of Solar and Grid

Summary: Rooftop solar power plants can be connected to the grid. This enables the combined system to use solar power during sunshine hours and grid power when solar power is not available.

Did you know that solar power systems can be used along with power from the traditional grid? How do these “grid-tied” systems work?

Most times, when […]

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Solar Panels – A Nice Package to Capture the Sun!

Summary: Solar panels that you see in rooftops and large solar farms are an assembly of many solar cells.

What is a solar panel? Is it the same as a solar module? And what is the difference between a solar panel and solar cell?

A solar panel is a neat assembly of many solar cells.

A solar cell […]

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The Phenomenal Photons – Energy Packets that are the Essence of Sunlight

Summary: Photons are the real thing. Yes, by carrying all the energy in neat packets, photons are, in fact, light.

What are photons, which appear to the real thing that gives us the energy from the sun?

Put simply, one can say that “photons are light”. Yes, photons are pretty much what make light, and can hence […]

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Super Sunlight – Sun’s Energy Carrier

Summary – We receive energy from the sun in the form of sunlight, which is an electromagnetic radiation comprising many components with different wavelengths. Most portions of the sunlight eventually reach the earth and nourish us.

We all see sunlight, everyday.

Sunlight, is however, far more fascinating than what is apparent to us.

So, what exactly is sunlight?

Sunlight is made of […]

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