Solar Basics – Course for Chennai Colleges – from Solar Mango

Solar Mango, the #1 Solar Guide, has launched a special course for colleges.Based on a detailed course curriculum our team has prepared, this course covers the following

Solar PV

  • Grid-connected Solar Power
  • Rooftop Solar Power
  • Off-grid Solar

Solar Thermal

  • Low temperature solar thermal
  • Medium temperature solar thermal
  • High temperature solar thermal
  • Concentrating Solar Power Plants

The course will have a mix of theory, demonstrations and expert sessions from industry experts

Course Duration

Duration of the course can be aligned to that of your college semester, so that will be approximately 3-4 months, with in all 15 contact classes in all, each about 3-hours duration. Classes can be structured such that we have one class every week, for a 3-hour duration.


Faculty will comprise solar industry experts from Solar Mango (consultants and researchers), and also industry experts from other companies in the solar industry


The classes can be held at your college


Please send a note to , with the subject: Solar Basics, and Provide details of your college.Please note that this course from Solar Mango is right now available only for colleges in and around Chennai.