Investing in Indian Solar Sector

Investing in Indian Solar Sector

An Exclusive Guide for International Solar Investors & Developers
Solar Mango has published an exclusive guide for international investors keen on investing in the Indian solar sector – in greenfield projects or in operating power plants.

The Indian solar power sector is witnessing stupendous growth. From less than 100 MW of grid connected solar power plants in 2011, the country now is close to 5000 MW capacity, a fifty fold growth. Remarkably, this is set to grow a further 20 TIMES in next 6 years, taking the country to a total capacity of 100 GW by 2022.

All these make India one of the most important destinations for global investors and developers of solar power plants.

With these in mind, Solar Mango, the #1 Solar Guide, has prepared an expert guide for the international investor and developer community.

Who is This Exclusive Expert Guide for?

This is the only customized expert developed specifically for international developers and financial investors keen on investing in the fast growing Indian solar energy (especially solar PV) sector.

Why Should International Solar Investors/Developers Buy this Guide?

  • Detailed insights on India solar opportunities for different types of financial investors – by size of investment, by type of investment (equity / debt/acquisition), and more
  • Inputs into the investment opportunities available across the entire solar PV value chain, across India – from cell/module manufacturing, to small, medium and large scale solar power plants, to investment opportunities in EPCs and more
  • Details of the latest solar power plant allocations at the state and central levels, and also insights on the upcoming solar power plant allocations
  • In-depth understanding of the drivers accelerating the Indian solar power sector

List of Contents

Policies, Regulations & Incentives

  • For MW-scale, grid connected utility solar power plants
  • For distributed, Rooftop solar power plants

Types of Opportunities Looking for International Financing

Opportunity Analysis for Greenfield Projects and Operating Power Plants

  • Types and sample profiles of greenfield solar power project opportunities for international investors
  • Sample profiles of operating solar power projects and types of investments possible in these

Opportunity Spectrum Insights

  • Detailed insights on the overall opportunity spectrum
  • The prominent components/dimensions within this spectrum

Opportunities by State

  • Detailed opportunity analyses done for over 15 Indian states

Opportunities by Types of Solar Power Plants

  • MW-scale grid connected power plants
  • Distributed solar power opportunities
  • Opportunities in solar manufacturing sector

Types of Financing Available for the Solar Sector Today

  • Financing from the Indian domestic players
  • International financing currently available for the solar sector

Indian Regulations & Policies for International Investments in Solar Sector

Both central and state government policies will be presented, along with detailed analyses of what these mean to international investors

  • For Utility-scale solar power plants
  • For distributed solar power plants

Solar Power Plant Allocations under Various Policies

  • Compilation of prominent solar power plant allocations in the last 3 years, prominent winners of these allocations, and the tariffs
  • A list of upcoming solar power plant allocations under the various central and state policies all across India.

Case Studies of Prominent International Investments

  • Case studies of private equity investments
  • Case studies of acquisitions in the solar power sector, both solar power plants and other solar energy assets
  • Case studies of international funding through convertible & non-convertible debt


Price of the Investing in India Solar Sector guide: $3750

The price also includes a maximum of 5 hour consulting with the Solar Mango top management team. This consulting can be in the form of telephonic or Skype interactions, or face to face meetings at the Solar Mango Chennai office.


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  • Corporation diversification strategy for solar energy opportunities – market potential analysis & entry strategy
  • Assisting international firms to enter the Indian solar energy sector – market potential analysis, entry strategy and marketing channel set up
  • Feasibility and strategy consulting for companies setting up manufacturing facilities for the solar sector – market status update, technical and economic feasibility, assistance in machinery vendor selection

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