International Solar Developer/Investor Keen on India?

International Solar Developer/Investor Keen on India?

Take Solar Mango Assistance for Investing in or Acquiring Solar PV Projects in India


This is a unique, specialized assistance for international solar investors and developers to identifying attractive greenfield investment opportunities or acquisition prospects in the Indian solar PV sector.

Who is This Assistance for?

This focused and specialized assistance is for international financial investors keen on investing in the fast growing Indian solar energy (especially solar PV) sector.

Why Should You Take this Assistance?

  • For an optimal and quick entry into the Indian solar PV market
  • To get an in-depth understanding of the drivers accelerating the Indian solar power sector
  • Detailed insights on opportunities for different types of financial investors – by size of investment, by type of investment (equity / debt/acquisition), and more
  • Assistance beyond solar power plants – Clear insights into the investment opportunities available across the entire solar PV value chain – from cell/module manufacturing, to small, medium and large scale solar power plants, to investment opportunities in EPCs and more

Aspects on Which Solar Mango Can Assist

Assisting in Greenfield Solar Power Plants

Solar Mango team can assist you in greenfield investments in solar power plants, by providing hands-on guidance and turnkey assistance for international developers to set up medium or large scale solar power plant anywhere in India

Identifying Attractive Solar Power Prospects for Investments/Acquisitions

Solar Mango can assist investments or acquisitions in existing solar farms for private equity firms and other financial institutions considering investments through equity and/or debt.

Insights into the Indian Utility-scale Solar Power Sector


  • Detailed insights on the overall opportunity spectrum
  • The prominent components/dimensions within this spectrum

By State

  • Detailed opportunity analyses done for over 15 Indian states

By Type of Opportunity

  • MW-scale grid connected power plants
  • Distributed solar power opportunities
  • Opportunities in solar manufacturing sector

Insights on Policies, Regulations & Incentives

  • For MW-scale, grid connected utility solar power plants
  • For select cases, also for distributed, Rooftop solar power plants

Types of Financing Available for the Solar Sector Today

  • Financing from the Indian domestic players
  • International financing currently available for the solar sector

Scope of Work

Identification of prospective developers Using proprietary databases and contacts of Solar Mango
Due Diligence of prospective developers Significant interactions with these developers  – evaluate on pre-determined parameters (given below)
Report on shortlist Structured report on highlights of each of the shortlisted developers sent to client before arriving to India
Co-ordination with developers Co-ordinate for visits and meetings between the client and shortlisted developers
Physical presence Physical presence of Solar Mango team during meetings, or those phases as the client may desire
Any other aspect related to these developers  


Suggested Evaluation Parameters of Developers for Solar Power Plant Acquisitions

  • Size of the Power Plant
  • Stage of the Power Plant Development
  • Region
  • Type of PPA (who is the offtaker, what is the rate, # of years of PPA)
  • Expected returns from the project (project and equity IRRs)
  • Background of the promoter
  • Type of financial assistance being considered
  • Timeline for project development & completion
  • Other soft aspects – trustworthiness, transparency


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About Solar Mango

Solar Mango is the #1 Guide for Solar, with a special focus on India.

For India, in addition to providing guidance on a variety of solar energy aspects for the entire spectrum of end users, Solar Mango also provides custom consulting and research for the following:

  • Assisting international firms to enter the Indian solar energy sector – market potential analysis, entry strategy and marketing channel set up
  • Corporation diversification strategy for solar energy opportunities – market potential analysis & entry strategy
  • Assisting solar power developers/independent power producers in their power plant installations – financial feasibility analysis, EPC section, assistance in financial closure, report preparation
  • Feasibility and strategy consulting for companies setting up manufacturing facilities for the solar sector – market status update, technical and economic feasibility, assistance in machinery vendor selection