Wish to Expand Your Solar Business Pan India?

Take up Solar Sales Strategy assistance from Solar Mango

The Indian Solar Sector is growing at a hectic pace. And so is competition.

If you are a Solar EPC, you are competing with 3000 other EPCs in the country – small and large.

If you are a Solar Module manufacturing company, you are competing with 100 other Indian manufacturers and probably 500 more companies from China and other countries.

This stands true for every other solar business in the country.

Unless you have a clear sales strategy in place, it is going to be extremely unlikely for any upcoming solar business to succeed in a big way.

Here comes, Solar Mango’s unique Marketing and Sales package. We can assist you in building a customized sales strategy for your company – by helping you unique positioning for your product or services, and taking you to the market in an effective manner.

Solar Mango can develop a Sales Strategy for your company in 3 phases as given below:


  1. KNOW – Market & Competition Overview
    1. Study and understand the potential market for the client
    2. Understand the competition landscape for the client by evaluating key players
    3. Study the business models of the competitors and gain insights from the key learnings and gaps that requires a filling
  2. PLAN – Identifying Opportunities
    1. Identify the most attractive market segments that the client should start targetting
    2. Devise Engagement Strategies for these identified segments so that client can quickly explore these
  3. ACT – Go-To-Market Assistance
    1. Based on the opportunities shortlisted, Solar Mango will develop a comprehensive Go-To-Market strategy
    2. Comprehensive assistance in marketing and promotions through Solar Mango’s wide reach – white papers, roadshows and extensive visibility using Solar Mango’s web site, blog and newsletter.
    3. Hands-on assistance in identifying sales channels and business partners



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