MWh – Definition, Glossary, Details – Solar Mango

Megawatt-hour, represented as MWh, is a unit of energy.

A Megawatt-hour (MWh) is equal to thousand kilowatt-hours. 1 KWh is the one unit of electricity. So, 1 MWh is thousand units of electricity or a million watt-hours.


A 1 MW power plant, if it operates at full capacity for one hour, will generate 1 MWh of energy, and 24 MWh in a day. However, most power plants do not operate at 100% capacity utilization. Solar PV power plants for instance operate at capacity utilization factors of less than 20%. Thus, a 1 MW solar power plant generates much less than 24 MWh per day; in fact, it is only about 4 MWh.

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