Career Profile

Business Development professional with deep technical and business knowledge in Renewable energy with special focus on Solar. Proven experience in marketing, sales and project finance operations. Comes with a strong academic background with world renowned certifications from Harvard Business School, New York Institute of Finance for Renewable energy finance domain.

Key Competencies

  • 2 years of experience with world’s one of the largest solar companies in the role of Business Development – Lead Origination, Marketing and Sales
  • Worked constantly on streamlining Business Development Operations during this role
  • Have accomplished extensive work on Project Finance Operations – Costing and Pricing Product Analytics – PPA, Loan and Cash Sales
  • Working knowledge of Project Costing and Forward Cost Curve Analysis
  • Demand Visibility and Project Management for solar power projects
  • Asset and Risk Management for solar power plant portfolio
  • Hand –on experience in Technical Diligence Operations – Project Design, Yield and Energy Savings Analytics
  • Worked on developing a system level lab (startup) with a vision of training students and industry professionals in PV system design and testing to be ‘industry’ ready
  • Good knowledge of Market analysis and Business development – Resource mapping, Market potential review and Liaising with potential partners/stakeholders

India Renewable Energy Expert