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Solar Mango’s Solar Assist service enables industrial and commercial consumers gain reliable, cost-effective rooftop solar solutions that lower their diesel power bills.

We receive many enquiries from intensive energy consumers who are keen on using solar power but are left confused with the wide variety of components, configurations, warranties, and vendors. Solar Assist is designed to provide you with the answers you need to decide on implementing a rooftop solar solution, as well as assist you in getting the optimal rooftop solar solution for your needs.

Solar Assist allows you to have a frank discussion over the phone or in-person with the experts at Solar Mango on the nuts and bolts of rooftop solar power generation.

Key Benefits of Solar Assist

By speaking to us, you can gain an excellent understanding of

  • The capacity of the solar power plant that will be required
  • Realistic cost for your solar power plant
  • Feasible architecture for your context – grid-tied solar with diesel/grid-tied solar with diesel and battery/grid-tied solar with batteries alone/pure grid-tied solar/possibilities for off-grid solar within the framework
  • Next steps before approaching a vendor

We can also suggest suitable vendors you can start talking to, who will be appropriate for the combination of region/architecture/capacity

Qualifying for Solar Assist

No fees are charged for Solar Assist and there are no obligations on your part. The only conditions are as follows:

  • You should belong to commercial or industrial sector
  • Your monthly electricity consumption should be over 25,000 units (approximately 1,000 units per day), or having a minimum of 200 kVA connected load
  • Currently we are offering this assistance only to companies in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Delhi. Other states will be included soon