The Solar Innovation Blueprint

The Solar Innovation Blueprint

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What is the Solar Innovation Blueprint?

Many entrepreneurs wish to start a business in solar energy because of the benefits such businesses provide to the environment and society.

At the same time, many solar business opportunities currently pose a serious challenge – they are not very profitable.

One of the reasons for low profitability is that solar energy is sold as a commodity. And as a result, most solutions are standard and undifferentiated. So, is it possible to offer innovative and highly differentiated solar energy products, solutions and services?


This is what The Solar Innovation Guide from Solar Mango all about.

It provides inputs, insights and practical examples of entrepreneurs from around the world offering innovative and value added solar products & solutions and creating a win-win for themselves and for their customers, and for the environment too!

The Solar Innovation Guide is something every entrepreneur or business in the solar energy sector should read. Or continue selling a commodity!


Who Will Benefit the Most from the Solar Innovation Blueprint?

You will benefit immensely from the Solar Innovation Blueprint if you an:

  • Investor, entrepreneur or business already operating in the solar energy sector anywhere in the world, or
  • Entrepreneur or business keen to enter the solar energy sector.


Why is this Blueprint Unique?


There is no other similar expert guide that provides comprehensive business insights and examples of innovations happening worldwide all along the solar energy value chain.

Consequently, there’s no other guide that helps you immensely in creating premium value for your customers and prospects with your solar energy solutions.


Who are the experts behind the Solar Innovation Blueprint?

The Solar Innovation Blueprint has been designed and developed by the founder directors at Solar Mango, the #1 Solar Guide.

Solar Mango has been spearheading business research in solar energy for over a decade. EAI’s expertise in solar energy spreads across both solar PV and solar thermal, and across the entire value chain for both these genres. The team’s consulting and research have assisted thousands of businesses in over 25 countries across not just solar, but the entire cleantech spectrum – renewable energy, sustainable materials, carbon capture, e-mobility and more.

The web resource is also one of the most popular web resources online for the solar energy sector.


The following innovations are covered in the Solar Innovation Blueprint












solar + storage











3D Prinying of Solar Cells
Artificaial Intelligence in Solar Energy
Infra-red Spectrum Innovations In High Temperature Solar Thermal
Innovations in Solar Back-Sheets & Encapsulants
Innovations in Solar Cabling
Innovations in Solar Monitoring Systems
Innovative Solar Power Packs
Micro inverters
Photobiological Cells
Solar Desalinatuin
Solar Paints & Solar Sprays
Solar-based Biofuels
Unique End Applications of Solar 1







Wearable Solar



Key Details Provided in the Solar Innovation Blueprint

Following insights are provided in the Blueprint for each innovation

Aspect Details
Technology Details Detailed inputs on the technologies and processes that underlie the innovation
Key Benefits Highlights of the benefits and advantages of the innovation
End Use Applications Current and emerging end uses for the innovation
End Use Markets Inputs and insights on the market sectors for which the innovation is being/can be applied
Market Sizes & Growth Estimated sizes and growth for the innovation
Challenges and Bottlenecks Analyses of the key challenges for the innovation
Recent Market Trends Useful insights on market trends that will provide entrepreneurs with valuable ideas for their business!
Examples of Start-ups The Blueprint has a special emphasis on providing start-up examples – to inspire and more important to enlighten the reader of the potential available for the innovation
Key Technology Vendors Entrepreneurs get to know about the key solutions and technology vendors at the forefront for this innovation – these details will be useful for the entrepreneurs to connect with the vendors for partnerships and joint ventures
Suggestions & Recommendations Experts from the Solar Mango team provide concise analyses of this opportunity and provide recommendations on different avenues by which such an innovation can be used to provide high differentiation
But more than data, what will be especially useful for the reader are the unique perspectives that the authors of the report share about each innovation, based on their decade plus hands-on experience in assisting businesses across the entire solar energy value chain and the strategic insights they had obtained on key market dimensions and drivers.


The Solar Innovation Blueprint costs just $150.


Wish to purchase the Solar Innovation Blueprint? Send a note to Narsi – and we will quickly get in touch with you.


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