Rooftop Solar for Industrial & Commercial Sectors


Solar Mango presents focussed rooftop solar PV solutions for specific industrial and commercial sectors. Each sector’s page discusses the unique characteristics and constraints faced by the sector, and the parameters that should be considered when designing solar solutions for them.

We also provide Our Recommendation as a starting point to base your solution when designing a solution that works best for you.



We currently analyse 5 sectors, covering

  1. Solar for Colleges
  2. Solar for Hospitals
  3. Solar for Hotels
  4. Solar for Software Companies & BPOs
  5. Solar for Warehouses


Solar for Colleges

You have a large area of unutilised rooftop space and your load peaks during daytime when you get the most solar power – but there is very little load during vacations and you require a great deal of hot water. What kind of a solar plant would best suit you? Read our analysis

Solar for Hospitals

Lifesaving equipment requires uninterrupted power, but solar is an intermittent source. What configuration of solar plant can run your critical equipment without interruption? Read our analysis

Solar for Hotels

The guest experience can never be compromise, and guests are present round the clock. Air conditioning consumes a lot of energy and diesel bills are rapidly increasing. How can a rooftop solar plant help in saving costs without compromising on guest comfort? Read our analysis


Solar for Software Companies & BPOs

It’s a 24/7 operation and some loads, like servers, are never turned off. Air conditioning represents half your energy bill. How can solar reduce your energy bills and help meet client SLAs? Read our analysis


Solar for Warehouses

Your warehouse is located in a grid-scarce area but stores perishables and has a heavy refrigeration load. Storage is also seasonal. What kind of a solar plant would best suit these needs? Read our analysis