EPC Company (Engineering Procurement and Construction) – Definition, Glossary, Details – Solar Mango


EPC, standing for Engineering-Procurement-Construction refers to the turnkey activity by which a company takes up the entire range of design, material procurement and construction of a project. The EPC companies thus are companies that deliver this entire range of activities. Simply put, in the solar power plant context, the EPC Contractor does the entire solar PV power plant, from design to commissioning.

Optimal design and efficient implementation of the solar plant can help increase its productivity. This is where the expertise of the EPC comesin useful. The efficiency of EPCs can thus really make a difference to solar energy scene.

Let’s look at the key roles of an EPC:
• Realistic planning and scheduling of the project
• Efficient and economic design of the plant
• Source material and equipment globally from proven manufacturers
• Manage logistics of delivering material and equipment to site
• Stick to deadlines of the project
• Optimise cost incurred for the project through sensible design
• Adherence to expected industry standards
The solar EPC Operation chain is given below: