Suntastic – Solar Mango’s Website Development Assistance for Solar Companies


What is Suntastic?

Suntastic = Fantastic Solar Website!

Suntastic is Solar Mango’s assistance to develop world-class websites for solar companies – EPCs, developers, component suppliers, and other solution providers.

Who Will Benefit?

Any company in the field of solar energy that needs a powerful, effective web presence

  • Solar EPCs
  • Rooftop & Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant Developers
  • Solar Power Component Suppliers
  • Other Solar Power Solution Providers

Interested in Making Your Solar Website Suntastic?

Send a note to with brief details of your company background and contact details. We will get in touch with you soonest.


What are the Benefits from Suntastic?

Today, your website is your company. And as a result, your website is the most important marketing tool. It is hence critical that your website is made as effective and powerful as possible. This is what Suntastic delivers.

The following are the specific benefits for your website from Suntastic.

Professional, world-class design and navigation
Focussed, powerful content. As Solar Mango has extensive knowledge in the solar domain, our consulting team can ensure that your site’s content is world-class.
Better content presentation and powerful tools for enquiry generation
Interactive sections for showcasing case studies, having estimators/calculators


What does Suntastic’s Web Development Package Cover?

Solar Mango’s web development assistance would cover the following.

Building the website based on the company’s business objectives

  • First, the key business objectives of the company for website development are identified – whether the purpose is to design a corporate website or to develop the website as a sustainable marketing tool
  • This is followed by a comprehensive data collection about the company’s vision & background, team, services offered, projects, contact details and other relevant information that the client wishes to project
  • Further, the content (text, images, videos, interviews, blogs) is designed, modified and uploaded onto the new website after getting inputs and feedback from the client
  • We use the latest technology platform which ensures user-friendliness and website compatibility on all user interfaces including mobiles, desktop and browsers

SEO Optimization

To increase the online reach of the company, a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy for the website is designed. This would involve selecting suitable meta titles, meta descriptions & focus keywords, performing google indexing and crawling, as well as using other SEO checker tools for optimization

Testing, Maintenance & Updation

  • Usability testing is carried out on different devices (mobile, iPAD, browsers etc.) and innovative user interfaces are designed especially for mobile users
  • The newly created website is checked for any bugs and errors and these are fixed
  • Continuous updation of the website is done (if required) such as writing and posting relevant blog posts, news items and any other relevant information


How is Suntastic Different from Other Website Solutions?

Team with Unique Expertise: When you work with Suntastic, you are working with a team that has the unique intersection of capabilities: Knowledge of the Solar Energy Sector + Proven Design & Website Development Skills + Powerful Marketing Orientation.

Comprehensive Experience in Web Development: The following are some of the testimonials that show the unique skills Solar Mango brings to the table in the context of world-class website development for the solar energy sector:

  • We run India’s largest solar energy website ( ) and the country’s largest renewable energy website ( )
  • We have developed one of the most comprehensive sets of calculators for the solar power sector –
  • Solar Mango has developed the world’s only online interactive tool for solar power plant and solar PV component evaluation @ PV Savvy –
  • Our team’s abilities go beyond just websites – we are quite good at developing world class apps too. We run India’s only solar energy news updates app @ Solar Mango India News (there’s also a global companion app for this) – &
  • Finally, we can also add a dash of creativity to the entire process. Here are some of the useful and creative videos we have developed – We are pretty good at making solar videos too – and


Interested in Making Your Solar Website Suntastic?

Send a note to with brief details of your company background and contact details. We will get in touch with you soonest.