Solar Power Plant Financial Models

Solar Power Plant Financial Models

Comprehensive Financial Evaluation Tools from Solar Mango


If you are a stakeholder in the rising solar industry, what is the one thing that concerns you the most?

Definitely your rates of return on your solar investment.

Now, wouldn’t you want a complete financial assessment of your investment done either on behalf of your client or for your own company before shelling out crores of rupees?

Ensure you aren’t making unwise decisions or missing opportunities in the solar sector.
Avail Accurate Solar Power Plant Financial Models – From Solar Mango

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 Make Informed and Sound Investment Decisions

Available for both Rooftop Solar & Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants

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Who is our financial model for?

The comprehensive models for financial assessment will be of immense value to:

  • Solar EPCs
  • First-time Investors
  • New Developers
  • Banks & Financial Institutions

What computations are possible based on the financial models?

Inputs for computation
Tariff Rates
Capacity of Solar Power Plant
Location of Project
Eligibility for Accelerated Depreciation
Use of Trackers
Results obtainable
 Levelised Cost of Solar Electricity Generation
Project Internal Rate of Return
Equity Internal Rate of Return
Project Payback
Equity Payback
Annual Cash Flows
Annual Cash Savings in Case of Rooftop Solar Power Plants
Debt Service Coverage Ratio
Default values available
Power generation based on solar plant capacity
Degradation factor for power generation and other standard losses
Interest rates
Discount factor
Tax rates
Preliminary expenses (for land and approvals), working capital, O&M expenses, insurance costs and other variable costs over the project’s lifetime
Easy scenario analysis
Impact on investments with and without accelerated depreciation benefits
Impact on investment with and without the usage of trackers
Impact on investment based on interest rates
Impact of investments based on CAPEX and OPEX model (Exclusively for the Rooftop Financial Model)

 What are the key features of the financial models?

Our financial models have been developed after several iterations and cross-checking of variables, costs and associated computations and come with the following features:

  • A complete and comprehensive financial model – separately available and customised for rooftop solar and ground-mounted solar power plants
  • Excel based financial modelling sheets with well-defined and clearly labelled computation options
  • Users with little background on solar can also easily do a quick financial feasibility analysis based on our models
  • Provisions for net-metering policies, additional charges for power transmission and other such minute details are accounted for
  • Guidance, if need be, for using the models will be provided by our team
  • Minor customisations for the financial models can be done at no extra cost

Why buy Solar Mango’s financial models?

  • Developed by Solar Mango – the #1 Solar Guide
  • Developed based on external guidance from financial experts as well as in-house expertise on the solar sector in India
  • Developed and fine-tuned based on extensive interactions with real life investors and developers
  • Framework for all the financial feasibility analysis done for our clients at Solar Mango

Cost of the financial models:

  • The Rooftop Solar Power Plant Financial Model (this includes a separate evaluation sheets for OPEX and CAPEX business model) costs Rs 35,000
  • The Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant Financial Model costs Rs 25,000
  • Both together as a bundle are available at Rs 45,000.

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