India Solar Exchange (ISE) – Online Market Place for Solar

What is the India Solar Exchange (ISE)?

ISE is India’s premier online solar marketplace for B2B buyers & sellers.

Sellers of solar energy products and solutions for the B2B segment can list at the ISE. B2B buyers of these solar products/solutions can transact business based on the listings.

By being a part of India’s largest solar energy web portal, the ISE provides exceptional exposure to sellers while providing a diverse choice to choose from for buyers.

Companies providing the following products/solutions can trade at the ISE

  • Solar Cells
  • Solar Modules
  • Solar Module Sub-components
  • Inverters & Monitoring Systems
  • Cables & Other Electricals
  • Mounting structures & Trackers
  • Solar EPCs
  • Solar Power Plants on Sale
  • Solar Junction
  • Boxes AC & DC Boards
  • Other Sub-components
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How Does ISE work?

The ISE is a curated and moderated online exchange.

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The vendor enters into a partnership with Solar Mango, through which Solar Mango, after due evaluation of the vendor and his products, promotes these products through the ISE.

Enquiries from buyers are received by the Solar Mango team, which does the due diligence of the buyer and passes on the enquiries to the relevant sellers.

The sellers interact with the prospective buyers and conclude the sale. The ISE team provides any transactional support required during this stage.

Upon conclusion of the sale, Solar Mango is paid a small % as success fee. This percentage is mutually arrived at between the seller and Solar Mango.

Interested in being a part of the Solar Mango’s India Solar Exchange?

Send a note to with brief details about your company and products/solutions, along with your contact details.

We will get in touch with you soon.

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