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Focused Marketing Assistance for Indian Solar Companies

Solar Companies today are in a constant race against time, always up against the pressure in offering the lowest possible quotes, retaining client-base, keeping up with industry and policy updates and also timely completion of committed projects. Marketing and Branding are seldom their key focus areas in this charged race.

Who can benefit from Solar Mango’s Marketing Assistance?

Small – Medium Scale Solar Companies – Solar EPCs, System Integrators, Solar Module Manufacturing companies and other solar solution providers – who would like to gain maximum market reach, quickly climb the ladder and establish themselves as power players in the industry.

Solar Mango will be providing this service only for limited number of companies – mainly Solar EPCs and Module companies.

Why do you need Solar Mango’s Marketing Assistance?

Most Solar Companies today work with a small team which is more focussed on lead conversions and project executions than working out a long term vision for the company. Against this backdrop, the solution provider loses out on its chance to establish a sustainable business model in the industry.

This is where Solar Mango’s Marketing Assistance comes in.

Solar Mango offers a focussed and also comprehensive marketing assistance to such solar companies which often fall short in terms of time and quality resources to invest in their marketing efforts.

Solar Mango can be your outsourced marketing team with a clear focus on assisting such companies in pre-sales and hence propelling their sales multiple-folds.


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What are the services that Solar Mango offer?


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Hurry up! Assistance available only for limited number of Solar Companies

Further details on the services:

Devise a Clear Market Strategy

Solar Mango can assist in developing a business strategy that leverages your strengths and provides focus to your marketing efforts.

Having a clear strategy on which market segments to run after and how to prove a differentiation factor – is the first step towards solar business success. Marketing begins with market understanding and hence Solar Mango’s Marketing Assist also begins with this key step. This will be done mainly in two stages:

  • Market Understanding

    • Present a 360’ view of the Solar market in India to get the lay of the land, present Solar Mango’s insights on specific trends it has identified and also explore suitable export opportunities

    • Lead the brainstorming on the various needs in the market – both obvious and latent. Focus more on the latent needs

    • Discuss specific case studies on how some of the solar solution providers have been able to differentiate themselves and provide recommendations and inferences based on these

  • Market Strategy

    • Based on the needs discussed earlier, come up with a list of attractive and innovative ideas and solutions

    • Discover options through a combination of original thinking as well as through analyses of what has been done already.

    • Identify the main USPs that will be powerful enough to establish the solar company further in the market

Provide an Effective Web Presence

We help create a powerful web presence that will act as a sustainable marketing tool for your solar brand

We run some of the country’s largest renewable energy and solar web portals. You can leverage our decade-long experience in creating an effective web presence for your company.

This will incorporate the following sections:

  • Web Development
    • Building a company website:
      • Create a website that resonates well with the company’s vision and is a cut above the rest in terms of design and effectiveness
      • Based on client’s needs, come up with suitable content (vision and mission statements, management team, services offered, projects, case studies, contact details etc.) to project the USPs suggested
    • Revamping existing company website:
      • Revise existing content to effectively use the website as a marketing tool incorporating company USPs.
      • Develop online calculators and interactive guides that can be integrated on the company website and establish the promoters as thought leaders
      • Search Engine Optimisation to increase the online reach of the company website
  • Blog Posts
    • Detailed blog posts – highlighting the company’s achievements or project profiles
    • These blog posts can be hosted on the company website as well as Solar Mango’s online assets to maximise visibility

Design Attention Grabbing Collaterals

Easy-to-read, attention grabbing marketing collaterals can help your company stand-out and increase business leads. Begin your Sales meetings with a bang!

  • Develop creative and well thought out brochure designs tailored towards the clients’ target customers

  • Create powerful corporate presentations to be presented to prospective customers

  • Assist in preparing dynamic and impressive proposals to be presented to prospective customers

  • Assist in right pricing of quotes according to market standards and aid negotiations

Enable Online Visibility Through Solar Mango

Get maximum online visibility to your prospective clients through Solar Mango

  • Leveraging Solar Mango’s online presence through featured ads. Solar Mango and parent company, EAI have a strong online presence – put together we get around 5000 visitors everyday

  • Our Newsletters – EAI Daily and Mango Scoops have a strong subscriber base of around 40,000 and can be a targeted audience to circulate monthly advertisements of the company

  • We have an active EAI club in which there are more than 15,000 solar energy experts and enthusiasts are part of. This platform also will be utilised as an ad platform for the promoters

Facilitate Effective Offline Exposure

Get to meet, network and interact with focused business prospects and solar industry stakeholders.

  • Reach to Solar Mango’s vast pool of industry contacts, especially director, Narasimhan’s personal contacts – in terms of developers, vendors, sub-contractors, solution providers, academia and also government officials

  • Co-partnering for events for face-to-face meetings with industry stakeholders and establish a sound network of associates

  • Featured ads of the company in reports issued by Solar Mango

Develop Powerful Branding

Solar sector is becoming increasingly competitive. Powerful branding is the only way to stand out in this over-crowded market place.

Easy-to-read, attention grabbing marketing collaterals can help your company stand-out and increase business leads. Begin your Sales meetings with a bang!<>

  • Issue co-branded white papers in specific fields, aligned to project the company’s expertise , which will be circulated to reach the largest relevant audience in the shortest time

  • Exclusive vendor showcase magazine to be circulated to relevant target audience

  • Consistent business association with Solar Mango through the above mentioned activities to culminate in powerful branding of the company

Identify Right Talent

Hiring the right talent for your solar company can make all the difference to the future of your firm. Take assistance from India’s only exclusive recruitment consultant for solar.

  • Identification of the right talent for the company through Solar Mango’s recruitment division

  • Through Solar Mango’s recruitment division, company can avail recruitment assistance for up to 5 positions a year

Solar Marketing Assistance – Packages Offered

Solar Mango offers its Marketing Assistance Service in two variants:


Services Offered


Package – I


  1. Months

  • Market Strategy

  • Effective Web Presence

  • Collaterals

  • Online Visibility Through Solar Mango

1. Identification of 3 Company USPs and market understanding

2. Creation/revamp of website as a powerful marketing tool

3. Blog posts showcasing the company’s project profiles

4. Assistance in proposal writing, presentations to clients

5. Design of powerful brochures

6. Featured ads on Solar Mango and EAI website for 2 months

7. Featured ads on Solar Mango and EAI newsletters for 2 months

8. Featured ads on EAI club for 2 months

Package – II


12 months

  • Market Strategy

  • Effective Web Presence

  • Collaterals

  • Online Visibility Through Solar Mango

  • Effective offline exposure

  • Powerful Branding

  • Recruitment Assistance

All the above Deliverables +

9. Reach to pool of Solar Mango’s database for leads and industry contacts

10.Co-partnering for a focussed solar event conducted by Solar Mango for high visibility

11. Issue of co-branded white papers

12.Issue of Vendor Showcase magazine to relevant people

13. Featured ads in Solar Mango’s research publications

14.Assistance in recruitment –up to 5 positions

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