CARE – Career Assistance for Renewable Energy



CARE – Career Assistance for Renewable Energy

Who is it for?

Solar Mango’s CARE is for those professionals:

  • Who have a passion to start a career in solar energy in particular and renewable energy in general, and
  • Are keen to get professional guidance for the same.

What are the benefits?


Personalized counselling and career guidance that points them to the best possible options for them in solar or renewable energy fields.

  • Using the wide breadth of knowledge from the Solar Mango & EAI teams, we will be able to provide you with unique insights on career options that are most suitable for your particular profile and aspirations.


A detailed intelligence report that provides

  • A summary of all the options available under solar energy and renewable energy
  • From among the above, types of positions candidate’s profile is most suited for


Specific suggestions for skill development based on a candidate’s strengths & weaknesses, and recommendations on how to achieve these skills


Enhanced placement chances for the candidate to get opportunities through Solar Mango’s India Solar Talent recruitment services.


A comprehensive document containing details of solar energy and renewable energy companies in India, their main activities and the types of skill sets they could be looking for.

Why is CARE unique?

  • The Only One – There is no such specialized career counselling available for the cleantech sector in India, or for that matter, anywhere else in the world.
  • From Solar & Renewable Industry Experts – We are renewable energy sector experts, so understand the industry very well, from both Indian and international perspectives
  • Recruitment Experience – We also have excellent experience in the recruitment field as we run our own recruitment division, as well as have been assisting Indian and global renewable energy companies for almost a decade
  • Extensive Industry Contacts – We have excellent contacts in the Indian renewable energy sector owing to our online resources, which could be helpful for many candidates keen on getting relevant referrals
  • Individual Attention from Senior Professionals – Each CARE candidate is individually assisted by senior members from the Solar Mango & EAI teams, including its directors who have decades of industry experience. So the value that each candidate gets from CARE is unparalleled in depth and breadth of value.


  • One on One Discussions – CARE involves interactions over phone, Skype and Email. Typically, there are 2-3 rounds of interactions.
  • Interactive Sessions – These are interactive sessions during which inputs are shared both by the CARE team as well as by the candidates.
  • Detailed Analysis & Reporting – Post these sessions, a detailed report is provided to each candidate that provides guidelines on the choices available to him/her in solar and/or renewable energy, and the way forward for them to start off in this field.


  • The basic CARE package costs Rs 6500. This cost includes all the services mentioned, including the reports and the directories/lists we provide to the candidate.


Talk to Dharini (mobile: 7358263274 ,Email )
at Solar Mango to know more about CARE.

Wide Range of Opportunities in Solar & Renewable Energy

Solar Other Renewable Energy
Solar PV Design Solar Thermal Sector
Solar Project Management Wind Energy
Solar Project Engineering Biomass Energy
Solar System Analyst Biofuels
Solar Design Engineer Energy Efficiency
Solar Power Plant Consultant
Sales & Business Development for Solar EPCs & Power Plants