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Solar Career Guidance from Solar Mango’s India Solar Talent


Solar Career Guidance from Solar Mango’s India Solar Talent

Have you ever wondered – ‘Is my career in solar going on the right path?’

Have you ever asked yourself – ‘What should I do to accelerate my career in this fast growing solar industry?’

Would you prefer to have some real expert help in exploring opportunities in solar that will be a great fit for your core strengths and weaknesses?

If your answer is yes for the above questions, you may want to try IST’s Solar Career Guidance Tool – to explore the untapped potential within you and hence crack the right solar job.

Invest 10 minutes of your time for your career improvement and answer these 15 simple questions. We will match a most appropriate job for you, precisely fitting your job profile!



1.   Are You actively looking for a Job change?

2.   Your experience background - Solar or Non-Solar?

3.   What are the job position/s you are interested in?

4.   Are you facing serious challenges in career growth and progress
      in your current position?

5.   How aware are you about the range of opportunities available
      in the solar energy sector?

6.   Do you have any international experience in Solar?

7.How comfortable are you interested in taking up cross-functional roles within an organization? For eg., if you are in a design job, would you be comfortable if you are assigned a project management role, or for a brief period,
even a sales role?

8.   What type of companies would you prefer to work in, given a chance?

9.   Are you willing to relocate anywhere in India?

10.   Are you keen only on solar or renewable energy jobs? Or if we are able to find         good options for you in other fields would you be interested too?

11.   How good are your prospects for growth and achievements in your current job         3-5 years from now?

12.   Would it be OK for you to have a job that has significant amount of learning but         pays less than market average or your current salary?

13.   Have you ever felt the need for assistance or mentoring
        for your personality development?


Stage Two

1. Where would you want to be in your career 5 years from now?

(500 characters)

2. Can you briefly highlight roles, responsibilities and achievement in your current job?

(500 characters)

3. If we offer you a detailed counselling session to assist you in your career opportunities,what kind of guidance would you want from us in this session?

(500 characters)

4. Briefly describe the reason/s for your desire to shift to a new Job

(500 characters)

5. What characteristics of your profile could stand out from other applicants,
in your opinion?

(500 characters)

6. What are your key strengths and weaknesses from a career perspective?

(500 characters)

7. Other than Solar Mango, what other avenues have you used while
    looking for a job?

(500 characters)

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