Buying Aluminium Frames for Your Solar Modules?

Buying Aluminium Frames for Your Solar Modules?

Take Solar Mango Guidance to Buy the Best!

201103062004224397With the solar industry gathering pace in India, there is an increasing number of business entities wanting to make their mark in this segment. And aluminum extrusion makers are no different.

Made of anodized aluminum, the frames provide structural rigidity to solar modules, protecting it from outdoor elements, and enable easy installation.

But, being a Module Manufacturer who wishes to produce high quality modules, are you putting in sufficient effort to choose the right quality frames?

 Solar Mango, the #1 Solar Guide, can assist you in choosing the right quality of frames for your modules.

Importance of Choosing the Right Frames

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Although, the aluminum frame can seem like a very insignificant component of a solar module, it can often be the difference between a defective solar module and one that is in perfect condition.

During adverse weather conditions, when there is the likelihood of panels flying off or being exposed to a dusty environment, modules can get damaged easily. The aluminum frame cover around solar modules can go a long way in ensuring that the modules remain intact and are defect-free.

Therefore, if chosen poorly, the repercussions would be terrible for the solar module maker as well as the developer who purchases these modules.

How to Ensure You Are Buying High Quality Aluminum Frames?

Ensuring that you are purchasing aluminum frames of the right quality for your solar modules can indeed be quite challenging such as

  • Anodized Aluminum with clear coating for high corrosion-resistance.
  • High tensile strength to improve snow load resistance, wind impact etc…
  • Ample distance between the bus bar and module frame to help prevent short circuits, insulation deterioration and other problems.
  • Matching of frame color with that of racks and clips.

According to Solar Mango, there is a simple and effective method for module makers to ensure the quality of aluminum frames for their modules– buy it from the right vendor.

One of the best ways to ensure that you get the right quality aluminum frame is to choose the right frame maker, one which has invested in quality, has a high level of transparency and professionalism, and is committed to long term relationships with clients.

Take Solar Mango Assistance in Choosing the Right Vendor

Solar Mango can be of invaluable assistance to you in selecting the optimal vendor of aluminum frames for your modules.

Here’s why.

Solar Mango’s Expertise in the Solar Sector

Solar Mango is one of the most respected brands in the Indian solar sector. Considered the #1 solar guide, our expertise in the technical, market and commercial aspects of solar energy has benefitted over 1500 stakeholders – ranging from industries, commercial establishments, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, educational institutes and more.

Through our focused consulting assignments and research reports, and our team of industry specialists, we bring in in-depth expertise in many critical aspects of solar power, especially solar PV.

Solar Mango’s Contacts in the Indian Solar Sector

Being a pioneer in solar power industry research and consulting (we have been serving the Indian solar power market since 2009 when the solar power growth was just beginning), and also owning some of the leading online resources for solar energy in India, Solar Mango has one of the most extensive contact networks with vendors, specialists and experts in the field.

Vendors We Work With

Over the last decade, we have interacted extensively with aluminum frame makers for solar modules in the country and have an exceptional understanding of the solar industry. Our interactions with these vendors have been in all the key dimensions – technical, strategic, operational and marketing.

During this period, based on our work, we have identified select vendors who are at the top of the heap when it comes to the key parameters – quality, reliability and flexibility.

We work with vendors both small and large, and having operations in different regions in India. While specifics of our vendors vary, all of them have some things in common – very high quality and reliability.

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So: If you are looking for aluminum fabricators who supply superior quality frames for your solar modules and can be reliable long term partners for your sourcing requirements, talk to us at Solar Mango.

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