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Have high quality solar modules to sell at attractive prices?

Solar Mango can help you find a good buyer.

Solar Mango team works with over 30 EPCs across the country and we reach over 5000 end users every day through our strong online presence, over 40,000 industry subscribers through our newsletters and close to 15,000 Renewable Energy Experts through our EAI Club – By far, we are one of the largest in the country when it comes to targeted reach.

Use Solar Mango’s unmatchable reach to sell your high quality solar panels.

Send a note to , with the following details

  • Manufacturer Name/Brand Name
  • Module Wp
  • Price in Rs/Wp (or CIF price in US$/Wp if from outside India)
  • What quantity you have to sell
  • Deadline for the price offer
  • Origin (country/city) of the solar panels

We look forward to assisting you.

Thank you for your interest in Panel Exchange @ Solar Mango

India Renewable Energy Expert