Solar Sale @ Solar Mango

Solar Sale @ Solar Mango

The Solar Sale service will be useful for those offering special deals on their solar products and components.

Looking for Stock Clearance/Quick Sales for Solar Panels, Inverters, Cables, & Other BoS?

Use Solar Mango’s expert moderated service.

Send a note to or Call 9952475480

The Solar Sale team @ Solar Mango is dedicated to assisting buyers and seller of solar power plant components:

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Cables
  • Other BoS – Junction Boxes, AC/DC Boards, Transformers, Switchgear…

While as a manufacturer, trader or distributor, you will have your own sales channels for B2B sales, wouldn’t you wish to use the country’s largest online portal to reach a larger market while looking to close quick sales?

Solar Sale, part of India’s largest solar portal Solar Mango, enables you to reach a national audience.

Who Can Participate in Solar Sale?

Solar Sale is for the B2B sector of the Indian solar power plant sector. Those keen on selling large value items (above Rs 5 lacs typically) or wholesale stocks of panels or cables or inverters are best placed to use this service

The Solar Sale service will be especially useful for those who have special offers for their products or who are facing short deadlines to sell their stocks.

The Solar Sale service is available for all states of India.

What are the Steps Involved at Solar Sale?

  • Solar Sale is not a traditional listing service. It is a moderated B2B service where industry experts at Solar Mango evaluate every product listed on the site.
  • Based on their evaluation, the Solar Mango team uses the vast marketing assets we have to reach the entire Indian market in a short duration.
  • The Solar Mango team handles the Buy requests, evaluates them, and based on their authenticity, connects the prospective buyer with the seller.
  • Solar Mango takes a small commission upon successful conclusion of the sale.

Interested in selling your product through Solar Sale?

Send a note to with details and specifications of your product/component, and also details about your company.

We look forward to hearing from you.