T-shirts for solar energy professional or enthusiast?

Just imagine.
You are at an airport, or at a restaurant, or at a party.
Someone absolutely unknown comes to you and says – Hey, you are into solar energy? Let’s talk.


Tshirt - Front Side Final

Who knows what such a conversation could lead to – a productive acquaintance, useful insights, or even some immediate business!

Open your eyes. You don’t just have to imagine.

You can make this happen.

Through the I Do Solar T-shirts.

Solar Mango’s creative team has come up with attractive I Do Solar T-shirts that you can wear for a number of occasions and announce to the world that you are in solar.

And get super business benefits.

What’s the I Do Solar T-Shirt All About?

  • An attractive T-Shirt that says I Do Solar on the front and back
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • We can deliver it right to your home or office
  • Payment through credit card or through cash on delivery


Rs 800 per T-Shirt, including delivery charges for any location within India (only available within India currently)


Talk to Muthukrishnan 09952910083, muthukrishnan@eai.in

India Renewable Energy Expert