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Net metering and private PPAs form Greg Barker’s future vision for UK solar

UK’s former energy minister Lord Barker has said solar’s future lies in a combination of private wire PPAs and a government-backed net metering scheme.

He said submissions to DECC’s feed-in tariff consultation had proven that there was a desire to see government subsidies shifted away from large-scale ground-mounted solar to rooftop installations.

He forecasted that in the […]

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Virtual Net Metering – A Really Disruptive Concept for Rooftop Solar

It was perhaps about 2 weeks back that I was sitting in a prominent apartment complex in Hyderabad, where one of the association members, an eco-conscious senior citizen was keen on going solar.

The apartment complex was fairly large, and had enough space for 100s of kW of solar panels, enough to power a large % of […]

Key Drivers for Rooftop solar Power in India

Within this section you will find


Capital Subsidies
Metering Net

Unreliable Grid Power Supply
Grid & Diesel Power Cost

Cost of Power

Grid Tariffs in Indian Cities for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential consumers

High Cost of Diesel Power

Urge to Go Green and Corporate CSR

Similar to MW Scale power generation, rooftop based solar power […]

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