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A Million Solar LEDs Given – and 99 Million More to Go. Way to Go, IIT Mumbai!

This is a post I would request every reader to share with as many as possible.

It is the story of an IIT Professor’s massive ambition to help hundreds of millions of underprivileged Indians go to the next orbit – through a simple solar lamp!

This is how millions of rural children study today – inefficient and unhealthy

I […]

This Forbes article shows why India needs solar!

Titled “India’s huge need for electricity is a problem for the planet,” a detailed Forbes article highlights how 300 million (30 crore) Indians are having either scarce electricity or a complete lack of it.

Most of what it tells is familiar story for many of us Indians, though I must say, it will be more familiar […]

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Solar Nanogrid Market Growing Fast, Says Navigant Research

Solar Nanogrids? Now, if that brings up images of some real hi-tech nanotech stuff, hold on!

Solar nanogrids are far simpler entities. They refer to small distributed solar power generating systems which could be supplying to a local network of consumers, typically a small community of less than 50 households. Should this be a standalone grid not connected […]

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