Wish to Explore Solar in a BIG Way?- Super BIG FAQs Know More



Wish to understand solar power plants in a simple and practical way?

Wish to understand solar power plants in a simple and practical way?

Solar power plants are a 25 year investment. Understanding basics and evaluating components on your own can help you make the right decisions.Many of the solar investments in the forthcoming years will be done by those who have little knowledge of solar power technology […]

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Hands-on Solar Installation Training – 10 Day Program by Experts @ IIT BOMBAY


SOLARINSTALL-Solar PV System Design & Installation Training

Conducted by

IIT Faculty & Solar Industry Experts

Date: 3rd – 12th December  2016

Venue: IIT BOMBAY, Powai, Mumbai.

For Registration, talk to us -9952475480 or Email : events@solarmango.com
SOLARINSTALL course majorly focuses on hands-on training for component installation, commissioning of 1 kWp Off-Grid and 3 kWp On-Grid Solar PV Power […]

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SOLBIZZ – Solar Entrepreneur Training Program

SOLBIZZ is a 2 days Entrepreneur training program giving all nuances of becoming Solar Entrepreneur. With SOLBIZZ we give you an opportunity to fulfill your dreams and become an Entrepreneur in the field of Solar.

What you get from this Training Program?

The course help you open up your own business in the field of solar by […]

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Cost Break-Up of Rooftop Solar Power Plants in India, 2016

Solar power generation rates are currently lower than the conventional utility rates, especially for the industrial and commercial sectors, in most parts of India. This is the major driver for businesses opting for rooftop solar power plants.

At Solar Mango, we are regularly asked the cost break-up and particulare of rooftop solar power plants.

But before answering that, let’s […]

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Cost break-up of MW- Scale, Ground-Mounted Solar Power Plants in India,2016

What are the individual contributions of components to the overall costs of a MW- Scale Solar Power Projects?

This is a common question we get at Solar Mango.

Most of the industry experts agree on Rs.5.5-6 Crores as the investments cost per MW for a Solar Power Project as of 2016.This cost is exclusive of trackers and the land costs.

The […]

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Super Big FAQ on MW Scale Solar Power Plants

Over years,we have answered several questions regarding MW scale, ground-mounted solar power plants on Solar Mango. We have compiled and categorized the related questions and answers for your ease of use.

Large Scale (MW)  Solar: Basics-

What is Utility Scale Solar or MW Scale solar power plants? – Here
Guidelines for setting up a  MW solar power […]

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Attractive Market Segments for Solar EPCs

Under the Commercial and Industrial Sector, Solar Mango has estimated the potential these segments for both rooftop and off-site systems by evaluating six parameters. These are:

Profit Margins
Day-time energy consumption
Overall Energy consumption
Availability of Rooftop Space

Grid Tariff, and

Pioneer Mentality

The results are tabulated below:

Rooftop – Market Segments
Ground Mounted- Market Segments

Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals […]

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Types of EPCs

Solar Mango has compiled below the type of EPCs along with examples of EPCs with operations in the Indian Market

EPC Categorization

Large-scale EPCs
·         Typically, EPCs active in setting up solar projects upwards of 50 MW
L&T, Tata Power Solar

EPCs with Local/Regional Focus
·         Possibility to develop a strategic advantage by developing a good customer base

·         Easy availability […]

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Characteristics of Target Segments for EPCs

The various end-user segments are as follows:


Solar Mango has identified the following characteristics that govern end-user market segmentation.

Cost of grid power
Size/scale of solar power requirement
End use applications
Price sensitivity

By analyzing the various factors that affect each end-user segments, Solar Mango differentiates one segment from the other.

End-user […]

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Best of Breed Practices for EPCs

As with any business, for the EPC sector too, the key is to differentiate, or die.

Sure, you can operate without much of differentiation, but you could end up being a fairly mediocre firm in the medium and long term with little big achievement to write home about.

One of the sustainable ways to differentiate yourself in […]

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