Rooftop Solar

Rooftop solar power is being increasingly embraced by commercial, industrial, and residential consumers as a significant contributor to their energy mix because it combines

  • On-site generation of power
  • Utilising unused rooftop space
  • Cheaper than Grid Power
  • Reliable power for the next 25 years

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Solar Mango’s Rooftop Consulting

Solar Mango can provide Expert assistance in putting up a Solar Energy System for Industrial and Commercial segments:

  • Techno-commercial feasibility – that will provide you all the necessary details such as size of the solar plant that would be ideal for you, total savings, total costs, architecture of the plant and a realistic cost-benefit analysis of going solar in your case.
  • After this, we will also assist you further by Referring an EPC for installation and also in selecting the right components for the power system
  • For this, we may take about a week’s time and charge around Rs.20,000/-.

Outcome of the study will provide you the following:

If you are planning to own the plant:

  • Required Plant Capacity
  • Monthly Solar Generation
  • Monthly Electricity Bill Savings
  • % of Electricity Consumption met by Solar
  • % Savings through Solar
  • Payback Period
  • Equity IRR
  • Project IRR

If you are planning to go for the Opex Model:

  • Required Plant Capacity
  • Monthly Solar Generation
  • Monthly Electricity Bill Savings
  • % of Electricity Consumption met by Solar
  • % Savings through Solar
  • General PPA Tariff Rate
  • Savings for the entire PPA Period
  • Suggestions for whom to contact
Need for Experts for Rooftop Solar Power Plant

As an unbiased team with specialized expertise and no vested interests, Solar Mango can be your ideal consulting partner in your quest for a rooftop solar power plant.

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Who is Solar Mango?

Solar Mango is the #1 Guide for Solar, with a special focus on India.For India, in addition to providing guidance on a variety of solar energy aspects for the entire spectrum of end users, Solar Mango also provides custom consulting and research for the following:

  • Assisting Solar Power Developers/Independent Power Producers in their power plant installations – financial feasibility analysis, EPC section, assistance in financial closure, report preparation
  • Corporation Diversification Strategy for solar energy opportunities – market potential analysis & entry strategy
  • Assisting International Firms to enter the Indian solar energy sector – market potential analysis, entry strategy and marketing channel set up
  • Feasibility and Strategy Consulting for companies setting up manufacturing facilities for the solar sector – market status update, technical and economic feasibility, assistance in machinery vendor selection


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