So You Want To Go Solar?

A Concise Guide for Decision Makers – From Solar Mango – #1 Solar Guide

Get Your Answers to All the Critical Questions on Solar Power Plants



Who doesn’t want to go solar these days!

India, blessed with sun in most of its regions, and for most part of the year, is ideally positioned to benefit from solar energy.

As a commercial or industrial entity, you would surely be keen that your business too benefits from solar power.

At the same time, you would like answers to a number of questions before putting in your hard-earned money.

This guide is for you.

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Who is it for?

While the guide will be useful for anyone keen on going solar, it has been written specifically for those in the commercial and industrial sectors keen on installing solar power plants for captive power consumption.

How is it different from other books on Solar?

We realized in the past few years of our consulting that what prospective solar investors need are not complicated diagrams and formulae available in most other books and guides, but answers to some of the most basic questions.

And that’s precisely what we have done in this guide.

We have chosen about 35 questions that are most important to an investor in solar power plants, and have provided simple but precise answers to those.

Some of the questions answered in this guide are:

“Is solar power really cheap?” 

“Will I get subsidies and incentives for solar power plants?”

“What is the payback period of solar power plants?”

“Can I run my factory entirely on solar?”

“Can I use solar power with no upfront investment?”

Published by Solar Mango, one of the most sought after consultants for the Indian solar sector, this book will be an invaluable guide when you are in the initial stages of your solar power plant investment decision making.

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