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About the Report

india-solar-pv-module-manufacturingIndia today has an installed domestic module manufacturing capacity of about 4300 MW. Considering the positive sentiment for setting up module manufacturing units in India, Solar Mango estimates that 800 MW of module capacity will be added in 2016-17.

Given these market conditions, it is important for the client to evaluate the expected growth, demand and market potential of solar modules before testing the waters.

Solar Mango, armed with the experience gained from assisting corporates diversifying into the module manufacturing vertical has collected some rare insights in the solar module manufacturing sector in India. This comprehensive expert report and guide will be invaluable for those keen on setting up a module manufacturing unit.


Who should purchase this report?

This report would be a useful guide for the following people

  • Entrepreneurs/startups keen on venturing into module manufacturing business
  • Small and medium businesses interested in diversifying into solar module manufacturing
  • Solar businesses – EPCs, developers, system integrators, component manufacturers, service providers – keen on vertical integration into a module manufacturer

Why is it critical to purchase this report?

The pouring investments to establish India as a solar manufacturing destination along with the central government’s push to incentivize domestic manufacturing through its’ Make in India program has created a positive sentiment for setting up solar module units in the country.

This report is unique as it incorporates the following aspects.

  • Frameworks that assist businesses in establishing sales partnerships, module line technology selection, raw material selection etc.
  • Comprehensive study of the cost structures and expected returns from a module plant
  • Detailed demand-supply analysis and import-export trends for module manufacturing in the country

Why should you buy this report from Solar Mango?

Solar Mango’s Expertise in the Solar Sector

  • Solar Mango’s Expertise in the Solar Sector Solar Mango is one of the most respected brands in the Indian solar sector
  • Considered the #1 solar guide, our expertise in the technical, market and commercial aspects of solar energy has benefitted over 1500 stakeholders – ranging from industries, commercial establishments, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government, educational institutes and more
  • Through our focused consulting assignments and research reports, and our team of industry specialists, we bring in in-depth expertise in many critical aspects of solar power plant, especially solar PV

Solar Mango’s Contacts in the Indian Solar Sector

  • Being a pioneer in solar power industry research and consulting (we have been serving the Indian solar power market since 2009 when the solar power growth was just beginning)

We also own some of the leading online resources for solar energy in India, Solar Mango has one of the most extensive contact networks with solar industry specialists and experts in the field. 


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India Solar Module Manufacturing Report – Table of Contents

1.Indian Solar PV Industry Status and Current Trends +

  1. Introduction
  2. Solar Photovoltaics
  3. Current Solar Photovoltaic Market Scenario
  4. Demand and Supply of Modules
  5. Solar Modules in India- Industry Trends
  6. Major Module Manufacturers
  7. Drivers and Barriers for Solar PV Module Investments

2.Basics of Modules – Technology Involved+

  1. Introduction
  2. Modules
    1. Technology Options – Crystalline Silicon vs. Thin Film
    2. Crystalline Module Making
  3. Machines and Equipments
  4. Conditions of Sale
  5. Testing and Certification of Modules
  6. Recent Technology Developments

3.Investment and Returns+

  1. Capital Costs for a Turnkey Module Assembly Line
  2. Cost of Equipment
  3. Chinese versus European Equipment
  4. Cost of Production
  5. Returns – Cash flow, IRR, Payback Period
  6. Government Incentives to Support Solar PV Manufacturing

4.Risks and Mitigation+

  1. Introduction
  2. Project Completion Risk
  3. Country and Financial Risks
  4. Operational Risks
  5. Market Risks
  6. Raw Material Risks

5.Next Steps+

  1. Introduction
  2. Preparation of Prefeasibility Study
  3. Preparation of Detailed Project Report
  4. Technology Partner
  5. Selection of Raw Material Suppliers and Entering into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Them
  6. Achieving Financial Closure of the Project
  7. Implementation of the Project
  8. Module Testing and Certification
  9. Contacting Government Officials


List of Solar PV Module Manufacturers – India
List of Solar PV Cell Manufacturers – India                                                                                                                                   List of Solar PV Cell Manufacturers – Global
List of EVA/Back sheet/ Front sheet/ PET/ TPT/TPE/PVB & TCO Manufacturers – Global
List of Manufacturers of Connectors – Global
List of Ribbon Manufacturers – Global
List of Manufacturers of Cables – Global
List of Frame Manufacturers – Global
List of Glass Manufacturers – Global
List of Junction Box Manufacturers – Global                                                                                                           ANNEXURE – IX
List of Turnkey PV Module Line Suppliers                                                                                                               ANNEXURE – X
Sample Quotes of Equipments

India Solar PV Module Manufacturing – A Strategic Report

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