Selfie with Solar – Cool Solar/Wind Hybrid SolarMill Selfie for Narasimhan Santhanam

Name: Narasimhan Santhanam, Cofounder, Solar Mango

Location: Mahalingam College of Engg & Tech, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India

Details: This is a aesthetic looking solar-wind hybrid. In all, about 1.3 kW, 900 W of solar (3×300 W panels), and 429 W of wind (3×143 W vertical axis wind turbines)

Highlights: The highlight of the hybrid system is of course the vertical axis wind turbine and the really cool and aesthetic arrangement of the entire structure. The hybrid system has been developed by WindStream and called SolarMill, and this system has been making in the United States and now in India. The output from the VAWT reaches a converter and gets converted into DC; the DC from solar and wind reach a battery system, which subsequently powers about 30 LED streetlights. Really interesting stuff




More pics of the SWH system from WindStream

(for the inquisitive among you, that would be Rayal of Solar Mango on your left and Ranganathan from MCET college on the right)



And now, for the machine itself

(the vertical blades were turning fast as I took the pic, hence the blur that the more observant among you might notice)



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