MW Solar Power Plants Performing Better Than Expected

Now, this is an interesting piece of news for many developers and prospective developers of solar farms.

According to a new report by Fitch Ratings, based on a survey of a few solar power plants set up in 2011, results of output from these solar farms was higher than expected.

The survey reported that the farms had a 9% higher output than expected.

The study attributes this increase mainly to a higher than estimated solar radiation in these regions; and secondly to lower than expected grid curtailment losses.

The projects surveyed were mainly located in the US, and were large solar farms – 100s of MW in size.

Given that just a handful of solar farms were surveyed, and these were large farms and mainly in the US, the results are hardly representative of solar farms elsewhere in the world, but the news report is certainly a very encouraging one for the solar power plant developer community.

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