Solar Cost Comparison Tool for the US Rooftop Solar Sector – SolarIQ

The web platform SolarIQ provides a useful cost comparison tool for the US residential solar market.

By comparing actual sales costs of solar systems in your area, the tool shows you what you should be paying. They also make sure you know about any incentives (federal, state, and local) that could help you save money.

How Do They It

They ask for fairly simple details about your home – Simply provide us with your zip code and monthly electric bill. No contact information is needed!

Based on the data you provide, they answer a critical question for you, based on government and private sector data sets – which is: How much should you pay for solar energy?

They do this by comparing actual sales costs of solar systems in your area.

As mentioned earlier you also get details on the following:

  • What rebates and incentives (federal, state, and local) do you quality for?
  • How much will you save by going solar?

More about SolarIQ from here

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