Solar Power to Be 18% of India Energy Generation by 2030

Solar energy is expected to account for 18 per cent of total power generation capacity in India by 2030 from one per cent at present, playing a key role in the country’s efforts to achieving 40 per cent installed power capacity from renewable energy.

In its recently-submitted Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) ahead of the crucial climate change conference in Paris from November 30 to December 11, India has committed to achieving 40 per cent cumulative electric power installed capacity from non-fossil fuel based energy resources by 2030.

From the current power generation capacity of one per cent, solar energy mix will be scaled up to 18 per cent, official sources said as they gave a break up for how India intends to achieve its INDC commitments.

Coal power accounts for around 61 per cent of the electricity generation today, but would be reduced to 57 per cent in 2031/32, they said. Doesn’t look like a lot of reduction, but that’s life – coal is here to stay for a while.


Source: Panchabuta

3 thoughts on “Solar Power to Be 18% of India Energy Generation by 2030

  1. Mary H

    Even by 2030, coal will contribute to 57% according to your report. This is not much lesser than the % today – 61%

    I think India should do more to reduce dependence on coal – what is the point of so much investment into solar if coal would be still king?

  2. Jagadheesh Reddy

    If solar – which contributes only about 1% now to total electricity in India – goes to 18%, which is a 17% increase, how come coal comes down only by 4%?

    I mean, if solar is 18% and coal is 57% by 2020, then all the others togther is (hydro, nuclear, wind, natural gas…) is only 25%?

    Somehow, the math appears to be wrong…I think most of the solar capacity added will mainly displace coal, so the contribution from coal must be becoming much less than estimated.

    Your thoughts please///

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