We have seen a large number of solar energy initiatives in the last 2 years – some ambitious, some expected, and some harebrained!

While 100 GW by 2022 is not exactly unachievable, it sure is super ambitious. But, achieving it requires much more than just talk and intentions.

Thankfully, we have seen some action both from the central and state levels in the last one year. We have seen some real movements in large MW solar parks from entities such as NTPC and from states such as AP, Karnataka. MP and Telangana. States such as TN are growing in fits and starts, but there is some movement there too.

Overall, some good stuff to report on the large, MW scale grid connected solar power plants. While 60,000 MW from this sector is still far, far away, it is only one order of magnitude higher than what is available today (about 4500 MW of grid connected solar power plants are already operational in India)

Not so for rooftop solar, where despite brave statements from MNRE and nice target settings, very little is happening on the ground, with total installations countrywide barely touching 500 MW, a far cry from the targetted 40,000 MW by 2022 – we are talking about a 100 fold growth required, TWO ORDERS of magnitude!

I thought I would use this forum to elicit thoughts, perspectives, suggestions and more from folks in and interesting in the Indian solar sector, on what they feel government should do to take India to 100 GW by 2022.

I look forward to interesting and insightful ideas. Thank you in advance!